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Metal newbie

Joined: Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:20 am
Posts: 53
PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:45 pm 


THE 3 TARDS – Greatest Hits Vol. 2 $5
(Canadian Punk Rock)

AD HOMINEM – Climax of Hatred
(3rd album of intolerant French Black Metal!)

ADVERSARIAL - All Idols Fall Before the Hammer
(CD edition on Dark Descent Records)

ADVERSARIAL - Prophetic Plain of Abyssal Revelation LP $10
(Vinyl edition by Dark Descent, which includes the "Thralls" demo)

AGMEN – Damnation
(Excellent black metal with some heavy-metal tendencies from the Czech Republic!)

AHNENSTAHL – Zwischen Tod und Leben
(Epic black metal from Austria)

ANIMUS HERILIS – Recipere Ferum
(French Black Metal)

APUD INFEROS – Apud Inferos / The Roman Uprising
(Raw Italian Black Metal, released on CD by venerable Canadian label Tour de Garde)

ARCANE NECROSIS – Arcane Necrosis $5
(Australian Black Metal with ambient touches, limited to 150 copies)

ARCTIC CIRCLE – Forcing the Astral
(Canadian Black / Thrash metal)

ASHES YOU LEAVE – The Passage Back to Life
(Early Croatian doom / death metal)

AUTUMN MYST – Sampler $5
(ex-Geimhre, pre-Maniac, cold and unfriendly black metal. One of Toronto’s finest!)

AUTUMN MYST – Black Fucking Demo $5
(ex-Geimhre, pre-Maniac, cold and unfriendly black metal. One of Toronto’s finest!)

BALTAK – Kral na Dva Svetoj
(Intolerant Macedonian Nationalist Black Metal)

BARASTIR – Under the Banner of Hate
(Hateful German Black metal. Best material from this revered horde!)

BEHEADED LAMB – A Grave to this World
(Old-school black metal from Spain, featuring a member from Akerbeltz!!)

(Misanthropic Black Metal from Germany)

(Misanthropic Canadian black metal, lim. To 1000 copies)

(Controversial debut album from Finish Black / Dark Metal legends)

BLACK HORIZONS – A Dream’s Funeral
(Cold black / death metal from Germany in the vein of The Somberlain – era Dissection. Crease in back tray, Twilight-Vertrieb, Twilight 784-987)

BLACK TRINITY – Devil Worship
(Dark USBM)

BLUT / SONNENKREUZ – United in Battle
(Primitive NSBM split)

BOUND AND GAGGED – Fornicate the Gutted $5
(Brutal Death Metal from Illinois, 2002 United Guttural Records)

BURIAL – Enlightened with Pain
(Brutal death metal of high caliber. Scored 9/10 in Unrestrained! Issue #15)

CAMULOS / AINSHVAL split – Verwesender am Kreuz / Demo ‘02
(Camulos play mid-paced German black metal with touches of Doom. Ainshval play proud, snotty Scottish pride Pictish Black Metal, excellent demo recording!)

CONDEMNED BY HATRED – Toolbag Nation $5
(Dirty grind/punk/death from Philadelphia)

(Ultra rare Displeased Records split release. A split that collects two obscure, old style Death Metal bands. An underground gem! Crease in back tray)

DARK FAITH – Storm of Hatred and Anger
(Sophomore release of Spanish Black Metal)

DARK LEGIONS - Satänic Deströyer
(Totally evil and retro black thrash. Features guest vocals by Kutcheck Gorealis of Misantropical Painforest and Legacy Unchain fame!)

DEATH - Human LP best offer
(2001 Lonely Planet re-issue)

(Epic death/black metal from India! One of Asia’s top bands, featuring the guitarist from Reptilian Death)

DEMONTAGE – The Principal Extinction
(Brocas Helm meets Thou Art Lord, out on Shadow Kingdom Records)

EMERGE – Relativity 7” $10
(Suffocating dark ambient / drone. Limited yellow marbled vinyl, to 300 copies)

ENOID – Dodssyklus
(Brutal, face-rippingly heavy and fast Black metal from Switzerland. Strictly limited to 1000. Highly recommended!)

* ON HOLD * EXTREME NOISE TERROR – The Peel Sessions $10
(CD version which includes Vinyl Japan's original 1987 and 1990 sessions, plus bonus unreleased 1988 session with Mick Harris on drums)

FELIX KUBIN – Filmmusik $5
(Bizarre avant-garde)

(Heathen hinterland Black Metal from Canada!)

GNOSTIC – Hatewar 666
(Pure Black fucking War Metal! Contains the “Bloodwars of Heretic Supremacy” EP, re-recorded demo songs and other previously unreleased material from 1997-2002)

GODLESS NORTH - Summon the Age of Supremacy $10
(2001 Debut Full-Length on Breath of Night Records)

GODLESS TRUTH – Desperation
(Rare as hell debut release from one of the Czech Republics most venerated old school death metal outfits)

GRABNEBELFURSTEN - Dynastie oder wie man Herrschaft definiert
(Elite German black metal. 2004 Onslaught Records Mexico re-release with 2 bonus demo tracks)

GROMM – Happiness – It’s When You are Dead…
(Old-style black metal from the Ukraine)

HEIDENREICH – Trance of an Unholy Union
(Experimental, avant-garde black metal featuring Peter K. from Abigor!!)

(Intolerant black / ambient from Quebec)

HERMH – Taran
(2006 Pagan Records digipack re-release with bonus track)

HYSTERIA – Abyssal Plains of Chaos
(Brutal yet melodic French death metal with members of Himinbjorg and Eternal)

THE ILLUMINATI – On Borrowed Time $5
(Great Canadian Punk / Alt. Rock)

INFERUS – Cult to the Lord of the Evil Light
(Occult Brazilian Black metal)

IRHMGAAR – Sado Terrorist (ugly Devil’s Worshipper)
(Raw French anti-christian Black metal, highly recommended. Featuring members of Striid, Lugubre and Armaggedon)

IT IS I – Evolve
(Massive, heavy, dark sludge-core, reminiscent of early Neurosis and Godflesh)

KING’S-EVIL – Deletion of Humanoise
(Ultra tight and technical thrash mixing with the guitar sensibilities of the mid-era Scandinavian death metal sound, one of the BEST bands to ever come from Japan. Featuring two members of Ritual Carnage)

KLUDDE/WANHOOP – De Verdoken Waarheid/Elegy of Despair
(Elite Belgian split. Kludde play excellent black metal that focuses on the folk tales of their native Flanders, while Wanhoop plays a destructive style of black/doom that will guarantee blade marks on your wrists!)

(Excellent Finnish underground Black metal with members of Horna and Wolfthrone)

LACUNA COIL – Karmacode
(4th Full Length from this very well known Italian female fronted Goth / Rock metal act)

LIBER SPIRITUM - …Frugativi et Appellativi
(Occult Death/Black from Ecuador)

(Raw Brazilian Black Metal)

LUCIFUGUM – Sectane Satani CASSETTE $5
(Sick album from these Ukrainian satanists)

LUTEN’ – Relying Only On Itself
(2007 compilation album with rarities and unreleased tracks from this great NS Pagan Metal band)

LUX DIVINA – New Days for the Ancient Wisdom
(Pagan Black Metal from Spain. Compilation including 1998’s Paganature, 2000’s Occasus Caeremonia, and 2003’s Our Lost Harmony, plus a live track)

MAGOG – s/t
(Hateful German black metal that destroys posers with every fucking note!)

MALVEILLANCE – Insignifiance
(Sophomore release of dirty, ugly, utterly hateful punk Black Metal from Quebec!!)

MÄNIAC – Fast and Deadly
(Old German-styled thrash mixed with DRI and Suicidal Tendencies styled crossover, from Toronto Canada. Recording features ex-members of Geimhre, Autumn Myst, Grim Winter and Feral Horde, and current members of Demontage)

MODULUS – Prototype
(Amazing demo from Technical death masters. Suffocation meets Damnation meets Vader)

MORBOSIDAD – Cojete a Dios por el Culo
(Devastating Black/Death metal from the true US underground!)

MORT – Godless Dominion
(Raw Hateful Black metal from former Ungod and Baxaxaxa member)

MORTHOND – Paths of Desolation
(USBM done in the old Norwegian way. Excellent for fans of mid-era Burzum and Dakthrone’s Transilvanian Hunger)

MYOPIA – Concentration of Suffering
(Totally amazing Brutal Death metal from Canada, completely underrated but deserving of high praise)

* ON HOLD * NATTSVARGR – Morbid Night of Melancholy
(Excellent Cold and Frozen black metal demo from true US horde)

NAUSEA – Lie Cycle $30
(Violent NYC Crust / Punk / Hardcore – 1992 Graven Image version)

NO PITY – Iron From Hell $5
(Debut demo of death / thrash metal from Quebec band)

NORDMEN – Nordmen $7
(Sophomore EP of elite Quebecois Black Metal from Athros of Forteresse fame)

(Compilation of 2 live shows from legendary USDM outfit, released on Hell Attacks Productions)

THE ONE – Guardians Inhuman
(From the genius behind Macabre Omen and Razor of Occam, comes this disgusting, low-fi, and totally old-school slab of Greek black metal)

ORIGIN – Echoes of Decimation LP Picture Disc, lim to 1000 $20
(Technical US Death metal)

PAGAN - …and Darkness is Above All
(Minimalist raw black metal from black land of Belarus!!)

POGROM – Mort Au Peuple [2005 Nihil Voices, war 42]
(Totally elite and high quality French NSBM in the vein of Kristallnacht. Excellent production, hateful riffs. Includes the “Einenherbes Gesang” demo from 2001)

POGROM 1147 – Black Metal Complete
(Ultra grim and face-melting black metal from Poland)

PROFANE SOLITUDE – Awakening in Emptiness
(Pre-Lutomysl Ukranian hateful black metal, rare and out of print release)

PROJECT: FAILING FLESH – A Beautiful Sickness
(An eclectic mix of industrial, trash, and Voivod-style weirdness. Lineup includes famed producer Kevin 131 of While Heaven Wept and Twisted Tower Dire fame, along with former Voivod vocalist Eric Forrest)

ROSSOMAHAAR – Imperium Tenebrarum
(Important record from Russia’s oldest black metal band. Featuring current members of the Russian ARKONA)

SAPFHIER – Under Eternally Grey Skies
(Fantastic black metal from Sweden, in the vein of old Limbonic Art, early In the Woods, along with the guitar fury of early Enslaved. Very highly recommended)

SANATORIUM – Internal Womb Cannibalism
(One of Slovakia’s favourite brutal death metal sons return with a fantastic sophomore release, worthy of their catalogue)

SANATORIUM – Celebration of Exhumation
(Most recent release, sees the band becoming more technical and more deadly precise. A must have for all true European death metal fanatics)

SANKTUARY – Black Magic Brew $5
(Excellent Canadian Heavy Metal EP!)

SAPREMIA – With Winter Comes Despair
(Brutal Death Metal from New Jersey)

(Featuring demo recordings of two notorious black metal bands)

SERPENT – Dominator $3
(Excellent Swedish Death / Thrash Metal)

SEX SLAVES – Bite Your Tonge $5
(NYC Sleaze rock)

SIG:AR:TYR – Sailing the Seas of Fate
(Epic Canadian Viking Metal on Morbid Winter Records)

SIGH – The Eastern Force of Evil: Live ’92 – ‘96
(Extremely rare live recording from cult Japanese band) no less than $50-$60 but on ebay it could even go for $100

SIGRBLOT – Blodsband (Blood Religion Manifest) DLP $40
(Controversial Black Metal banned in Germany! 2005 Invictus & Ajna Offensive double LP issue – without insert)

(Excellent Norwegian black metal in the middle Burzum era vein)

SON OF SAM – Songs from the Earth – promo version 3 promos for $5
(AFI / Danzig / Samhain members do killer horror punk)

STARGAZER – Occidentale Magick
(Limited to 1000 copies – compilation including unreleased material)

STINY PLAMENU – Dive Into the Wastewater
(Fucking brilliant, primitive black metal from this Czech madman – obsessed with sewers, sewage, and killing Jehova’s Witnesses. Compilation of their first two demos)

TEMNOJAR – Hyperborean Dylogy
(Excellent Russian NS ambient – compilation of 2 releases)

(Elite Estonian Pagan Black metal)

TIME OF DEATH… - The Last Breath of the Dying
(Over the top, fantastic release from local Toronto label Bloodbucket Productions)

* ON HOLD * TODESSTOSS - Jenseitslüge
(German Black metal)

TUMULUS – Winter Wood
(Excellent progressive folk metal from Russia)

TUNDRA – In Cold Dimness
(Debut recording from this respected Italian horde, originally released on Eclipse productions in limited 350 copies, this is the None More Black re-release at 1000 copies)

* ON HOLD * UNGOD / BAXAXAXA – Ungod / Baxaxaxa
(Nefarious split from original German black metal elite)

VEDIOG SVAOR – In the Distance
(Rare French avantgarde, progressive black metal. Must be heard to be believed!)

VELIMOR – For the Glory of our Kin / Rujan
(Superb Russian NSBM from Blazebirth Hall member. Comprises the 2001 “Rujan” demo and the 2004 “Vo Slavu Roda” EP)

VOKLEINBLUCHT – To Consume the Darkness Whole
(Crushing posers the entire way through, important release from venerable US Label Graveless Slumber Records)

WALLACHIA – From Behind the Light $10
(Excellent Norwegian black metal. Re-release by Dark Horizon records, includes the 1996 demo)

WEDARD – Eiskrieg
(Elite depressing German black metal, HIGHLY recommended!!)

WOLFHORD – Realm of Pagan Storms
(Eerie Acoustic / Neo-folk from Brazil, transporting the listener back in time to an era of honour and pride)

WYRD – Kammen $10
(Elite Finnish Black / Doom metal)

ZYGOTE – Vortex $5
(Raw yet melodic Finish Black metal)

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Metal newbie

Joined: Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:20 am
Posts: 53
PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:17 am 


The following items are now on hold:

EVIL - Iron & Thunder
SATYRICON - The Shadowthrone
LEVIATHAN - Tenth Sub Level of Suicide
CELESTIA - Apparitia - Sumptuous Spectre
FORTERESSE - Par Hauts Bois
TODESSTOSS - Jenseitsluge
NATTSVARGR - Morbid Night of Melancholy

Metal newbie

Joined: Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:20 am
Posts: 53
PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 1:10 am 



EVIL - Iron & Thunder
SATYRICON - The Shadowthrone
LEVIATHAN - The Tenth Sub-Level of Suicide
CELESTIA - Apparitia
FORTERESSE - Par Hauts Bois et Vastes Plains

On Hold:

CEMETARY - Sundown
CRYPTOPSY - Blasphemy Made Flesh
DETERIORATE - The Senectuous Entrance
NILE - Black Seeds of Vengeance
RHAPSODY - Power of the Dragonflame

Taken off trade list (were traded some time ago, list should have been updated sooner):

ANTHRAX - State of Euphoria
CENTURION - Liber Zar Zax LP
ICED EARTH - The Dark Saga

Metal newbie

Joined: Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:20 am
Posts: 53
PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:29 pm 



Cemetary - Sundown
Cryptopsy - Blasphemy Made Flesh
Deteriorate - The Senectuous Entrance
Nile - Black Seeds of Vengeance
Rhapsody - Power of the Dragonflame
Slayer - Undisputed Attitude

On hold:


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