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Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:52 am 

I'm interesting in classic heavy, power, speed, thrash metal cds/LPs.
PM me please.

ARCHONTES (power-speed metal)
1997 "Saga of eternity" + 2 bonus tracks (Album, CD) (Reissue 2004)
2004 "Book One: The Child of Two Worlds” (Album, CD) (Reissue 2004)

ARIA (Legend of Russian heavy metal, the best Russian heavy metal band, a la "Iron Maiden")
1985 «Megalomania»(Album, CD) GOOD OFFER ONLY!
1986 «With whom you are?» (“S kem ty”) (Album, CD) Highly recommended! GOOD OFFER ONLY!
1987 «Hero of the speedway» (Album, CD) Highly recommended! GOOD OFFER ONLY!
1989 “Play with fire” (“Igra s ognem”) (Album, CD) Highly recommended! GOOD OFFER ONLY!
1991 “Blood for blood” (“Krov za krov”) (Album, CD) Highly recommended! GOOD OFFER ONLY!
1995 “The night is shorter than the day” (“Noch koroche dnya”) (Album, CD) GOOD OFFER ONLY!
1995 Made in Russia (DVD)
1998 “Generator of evil” (“Generator zla”) (Album, CD) GOOD OFFER ONLY!
2001 “Chimera” (“Himera”) (Album, CD) GOOD OFFER ONLY!
2001 A Tribute to ARIA (CD)
TRACK LIST - Power And Reason (E-Zone); Give Me Your Hand (Winds Rose / The Arrow); 1100 (Morbit); Dreams (Dylan Troy (ex-Adolf Castle voiceman); Rise Up Without Fear (X-Factor); The Roses Street (Nordream); Seduction MMI A.D. (Electric Land); You Better Believe Me (Vortex (pre-Arida Vortex)); Metal Is Born Here (Oversun); Lost Paradise (Black Raven Group); Volunteer (Die); Give Me Your Hand (Strike); Power And Reason (Gods Tower)
2002 “The calm” (“Shtil”) + 1 bonus track (contain rare & unreleased songs, covers, featured Udo Dirkschneider (Accept, UDO) on 1 song.) GOOD OFFER ONLY!
2003 “Kreshenie ogniom” + 1 video track (including new singer.)
2002 “Easy Angel” (“Bespechniy angel”) (Compilation)
2006 “Alien” (3 song mini-cd + video-section)
2006 “Armageddon” (Album, CD)
2004 Live Fire (Zhivoy Ogon) p1 (CD)
2004 Live Fire (Zhivoy Ogon) p2 (CD)
2004 Live Fire (Zhivoy Ogon) p1(DVD)
2004 Live Fire (Zhivoy Ogon) p2 (DVD)
2007 Pljaska Ada (Dance of hell) (DVD)
2008 All clips + 4 video bonus tracks (DVD)
2008 «Hero of the speedway» : 20 years (feat. KIPELOV and MAVRIN) (DVD)
2008 «Hero of the speedway» : 20 years (feat. KIPELOV and MAVRIN) (2 cd)

► MAVRIN, Sergey

CATHARSIS (straightforward power-speed metal (like Stratovarius) on the “Imago” CD)
2005 Wings (Album, CD) Highly recommended!
2002 Imago (Album, CD) Highly recommended!
2002 Imago + multimedia (on Russian language version, including different remixes on some songs, Album, CD) Highly recommended!
2003 "Dea" & "Febris Erotica" (2 albums in 1 cd reissue)
2004 “Prizrachniy svet” + multimedia (6-song EP)
2010 “Svetliy album (Light album)” (digi)

DIE (speed-thrash metal, ala early Master) out of print, last copies!
1995 Blamed To Be Alive (Album, CD) Highly recommended!

DUBININ / KHOLSTININ (solo project of Aria’s guitar & bass players. incl. 2 new tracks + re-recorded ARIA songs – ARIA's bassist Vitali Dubinin on vocals)
1997 Avaria (Album, CD)

KIPELOV (new band of the 4 ex. Aria members, including genius singer Valeriy Kipelov)
2003 Put Na Vyerh (The Way Up) (DVD)
2003 Put Na Verh (The Way Up) part 2 + rare bonus track (Babylon) CD
2005 “Rivers of time” (Reki vremen) (Album, CD) including Viktor Smolsky (Rage) as the guest guitar
2006 “Moscow ‘2005” (Live Album, CD) including Viktor Smolsky (Rage) as the guest guitar
2007 “Rivers of time” (Reki vremen) (Album, remastered CD with another guitar parts and bonus track)
2008 “V let” (DVD)

ADOLF CASTLE (Power-speed metal)
1994 Really Crazy Germans + 1 bonus track (Album, there are 2 different versions with different bonus tracks)

E.S.T. (Traditional/Thrash/Speed Metal)
1991 Knife attack (Proba pera) + 1 bonus track (album, CD) Reissue 2003
1998 Soul Therapy + 1 bonus video track (Album, CD) Reissue 2003
2003 Evil rock (Album, CD)

SABOTAGE (classic heavy metal, produced by ARIA members)
2002 Copper Bull (Album, CD) (reissue with bonus tracks)
2009 Ne.Soblaznyai.Nebo (Album, CD)

MAVRIN, Sergey (ex-“Aria” lead guitarist solo albums)
2001 The Chemical Dream (Album, CD)
2004 Forbidden reality ("Zapreschennaya Realnost") (Album, CD)
2005 "Other side of reality" +multimedia (Album, mCD)
2006 "Otkrovenie”(Revelation) (Album, CD)
2007 Live pt.1 (Live Album, CD)
2007 Live pt.2 (Live Album, CD)

X-FACTOR (true/power metal, ex-Mortifer. Highly recommended!)
2001 X-Factor (Album, CD) (reissue with bonus tracks and different lay-out)

SANTA MARIA (Melodic Power metal)
2001 Sea Serenade (Album, CD)
2005 “Life on the edge”(Zhizn’ na grani) (Album, CD)

MORTIFER (speed-thrash metal ala early KORROZIA METALLA and early Master)
1993 Euthanasia (Album, CD)
2004 Total Darkness(Album, CD)
2006 “Cybernized” (Album, CD)


LEGION (One of the best Russian heavy metal bands)
2001 The Prophecy + bonus tracks (awesome epic-true heavy metal) Highly recommended! (Reissue 2005)
2000 U okna + bonus track (Near the window) (awesome epic-true heavy metal)
2004 Stihija ognja (Album, CD)
1999 Give me name (Daj mne imja) (Album, CD)(Reissue 2005)
2003 Majatnik vremen (Album, CD) GOOD OFFER ONLY!
1997 “1980-87” (Album, CD) Highly recommended! GOOD OFFER ONLY!
2006 “Four elements” (Live album, cd)
2007 Myths of ancient (Album, CD)

CORROSION OF METAL (KORROZIA METALLA) (Pioneers of Russian thrash metal)
1987 Live in October 1987 (Live album) (Good offer only!)
1988 The Satan’s Order (Album, 2nd press CD) (Good offer only!)
1989 Russian vodka (Album, CD) (Good offer only!)
1990 “Cannibal” (CD) (Good offer only!)
1990 “Cannibal tour” (DVD)

CONQUEST (power-speed metal at it’s best, ala Gamma Ray)
2002 The Endless Power (Album, CD) Highly recommended!
2009 Empire (Album, CD)

MASTER (Pioneers of Russian power-speed-thrash metal)
Maniac Party (1994) Reissue
Labyrinth (2001) Reissue
2002 1987-2002 (This is best of. But including a new singer on the old songs.)
2006 “Acoustic” (Album, CD)
2006 “On the other side of evil” (Po tu storonu zla) (Album, CD) Ltd. Edition digipack!!! GOOD OFFER ONLY!

BLACK COFFEE (Pioneers of Russian heavy metal alongside with “Aria”)
2007 Alexandria (Album, CD) GOOD OFFER!

ARIDA VORTEX (power-speed ala Helloween 1985)
2003 Evil Sorcery (Album, CD)
2006 Flames Of Sunset (Album, CD)

SHADOW HOST (power-speed ala Blind Guardian'1990)
2002 Neverland + bonus track (Album, CD)

KRUGER (true metal)
1991 " Satan's Embryo" (Album, CD) (first time on cd, reissue, but this is not true metal! It’s a raw thrash/death metal) SOLD
1992 “Born by darkness”+ bonus tracks (Album, CD) (first time on cd, reissue 2004, but this is not true metal! It’s a raw thrash/death metal)
1998 "Deti Vrazhdy" (Album, CD) (first time on cd!)
2002 Faith & Religion (Album, CD)
2002 We rock! (Album, CD)
2004 “No compromises!” (Album, CD)
2006 “Live Steel” (Live-Album, CD)
2009 9th messiah (Album, CD)
2009 Shipi i rozy (Compilation with 3 unreleased tracks, CD)

ZATMENIE (power metal)
2004 “Hate” (Album, CD)
2006 “Zatmenie” (Eclipse) (Album, CD)

NATISK (true metal ala Aria)
2004 “The sky in the fire” (Album, CD) Highly recommended!
2006 “Second breath” (Album, CD)
2008 “Heavy night” (mCD)

BLACK OBELISK (Legend of Russian power metal)
1992 One More Day - Russian language version (Album, CD) Reissue 2003 GOOD OFFER ONLY!
1994 The Wall (Album, CD) Reissue 2003 GOOD OFFER ONLY!
2002 Pepel (Dust) + Songs for radio (EP, 2000) (Album, CD)
2004 Nerves (Album, CD)
2004 Piatnitsa 13 (Friday 13th) (Live at DK Gorbunova, November 13, 1992.CD)
2006 “Kogda-nibud’” (Album, contains 6 audio and 8 video tracks, featuring many famous guests – ex.-Aria/Kipelov, Catharsis etc members)
2006 “20 years after” ("The wall" (Original heavy version, 1991)) (Very limited edition - digipack cd+dvd) GOOD OFFER ONLY!
2009 Black / White (EP)

MOST (Bridge) 80-s heavy metal
1986 “Most”(Album, CD) Reissue 2002

ARGIR 80-s heavy metal from Aria records
2003 “Light of silver” (Album, CD)

EPIDEMIA (fantasy power-speed ala Helloween, early Blind Guardian)
2001 “Fairyland Mystery ("Zagadka volshebnoi strany")” (Album, CD) GOOD OFFER ONLY!
2004 "Elfiyskaya Rukopis" ("Elphian Manuscript") + 1 bonus
(Guest appearance - Artur Berkut (Aria), Kirill Nemolyaev (Boney NeM), Lexx (Master), Andrey Lobashev (Arida Vortex), Dmitry Borisenkov (Black Obelisk). The album was produced by Aria’s bass player Vladimir Kholstinin.
2004 "Zhizn’ v sumerkah" ("Life in the twilight") (Album, CD)
2007 "Elphian manuscript part 2 - Skazanie na vse vremena
(Guest appearance - Artur Berkut (Aria), Kirill Nemolyaev (Boney NeM), Lexx (Master), Andrey Lobashev (Arida Vortex), Dmitry Borisenkov (Black Obelisk).

HOLY DRAGONS (true power metal, ala mix of Manowar, Aria, Wizard (Germ.))
1998 Dragon Steel (Album, CD)
1999 “House of the Winds” + 1 bonus track (Album, CD)
2000 “Thunder In the Night” (Album, CD)
2002 "Judgment Day” + 2 bonus tracks (Album, CD)
2003 “Gotterdammerung" (“Twilight of Gods”) + 1 bonus"(Album, CD) (I can offer both versions – rare 1st pressing and remastered reissue with different lay-out)
2005 “Wolves of Odin” (Album, CD)
2006 Black moon rising (Album, CD)
2007 Labyrinth Of Illusions (Album, CD)
2010 Iron mind (Album, CD)

ARBITRATOR (80-s thrash metal)
2004 Voice of the dead (Album, CD)
2010 Peace by Force (Album, CD)

ARDA (melodic epic heavy/power (ex-singer of Epidemia))
2003 "O Skitaniyakh Vechnykh I O Zemle" (Album, CD)

TRIZNA (melodic thrash/heavy/power)
2003 "Vertical horizon" (Album, CD digipack) good offer only

RETRIEM (melodic heavy/power/speed)
2003 Lead To Your Destiny (Album, CD)
2009 Belyi Gorod (White city) (Album, CD) good offer only

HELLRAISER (thrash metal)
1994 “No brain, no pain!” (Album, CD, rare 1st pressing, very rare! Very good trade only)
1997 "03" (Album, CD, rare 1st pressing, very rare! Very good trade only)

SHAH (Russian 80-s thrash metal)
1989 "Beware" (Album, CD, JAPAN EDITION)
1991 "Terror collection" (Album, CD, 1st SNC records, very rare! Very good trade only)
1991 "Terror collection" (Album, CD)
1994 " P.S.I.H.O." (Album, CD)

SANGARA (heavy power metal)
2004 “Symphony of evil” (Album, CD)

split cd - MONOMAKH (classic heavy metal)/ RED SQUARE, The (Hard rock)
1989 Monomakh (Album) / 1990 The Red Square (Album)
(Rare as hell! Make your REAL offer!)

AVGUST (classic epic heavy metal)
2005 "Absolut na vse" (Album, CD, self release, good trade only)
2010 " Za Chertoi (Behind the Line)" (Album, CD)

TEATR TENEY (THEATRE OF SHADOWS) (classic 80-s heavy metal)
2005 "S/t" (Album, CD)
2006 “The beast” (Album, CD)
2007 “Your shadow” (Tvoja ten’) (CDs)

PULSAR (power/speed metal)
2005 “Civilization” (Full-lenght album, CD)
Art-work of this cd was made by Leo Hao (Aria, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Demons & Wizards etc.)

STAJA (classic heavy metal ala Aria)
2005 “Country of the ice” ("Strana l'dov") (Full-lenght album, CD)

ARTHERIA (classic heavy metal ala Aria, ex- Aria, Legion, Kipelov)
2005 “Fly to the light” ("Leti na svet") (Full-lenght album, CD)
2006 “Searching the new life” ("V poiskah novoy zhizni") (Full-lenght album, CD)

2005 “Po tu storonu lzhi+ bonus track” (Full-lenght album, CD)

CHARIZMA (classic heavy metal ala Aria, feat. MASTER, ARDA members)
2005 “Istochnik sily”/ “Source of power” (Full-lenght album, CD)
2007 “II” (Full-lenght album, CD)
2009 “Disconnect from the Net” (EP, digipack)

HUNTERS (classic heavy metal (ex-ARCHONTES)
2005 “Break the rules +1 bonus” (Full-lenght album, CD)

VALKYRIA (technical power-speed ala Realm, Secrecy, Helstar)
2006 “"Mystical Mass” (Remastered reissue of the full-lenght album from 1993 + bonus tracks, CD) Highly recommended!

MIRIADA (classic heavy metal in 80-s style, ex- Archontes, Legion members)
2006 Illusion of love +hidden bonus tracks (Full-lenght album, CD) GOOD OFFER!

ALEXEY STRIKE (ex. MASTER, EPIDEMIA) (classic heavy metal in 80-s style)
2006 “Time of the full moon” (Full-lenght album, CD)
2006 "Anthology in lyrics" (Full-lenght album, CD)
2009 " Rozhdennyi pod znakom ognya" (Full-lenght album, CD)

BONEY NEM ((power/thrash with funny lyrics and comedy-metal covers of famous pop-hits)
2005 “Victory day” (Full-lenght album, CD)

HEAVY DAY (aka TYAZHELY DEN) (80-s heavy metal/power metal)
1987 "V polet + 5 bonus track” (Remastered reissue, CD) (very good offer only!)

REANIMATION (80-s heavy metal/power metal with pagan lyrics)
2006 "Rassvet” (Full-lenght album, CD)
2008 "Kharakternik” (Full-lenght album, CD) Highly recommended!

SERGEY TERENTYEV (ex.-Aria, Rodmir, Artheria, Kipelov) (solo-album ex—Aria guitarist, including Legion singer)
2004 “30+3+ ∞” (Album, CD+poster) (very good offer only!)

R.D. (Artheria, ex-Mavrick, Catharsis, Aria, Kipelov heavy metal/power metal)
2006 " Karusel’ epoh” (CD)

KAIRA (heavy metal with female singer)
2010 Late stone age (Full-lenght album, CD)

COURAGE (heavy/power metal, this is another band, not the 80-s Courage!)
2006 Eternal game (Vechnaya igra) (Full-lenght album, CD)


IGOR ROMANOV (ex.- Souyz member) (hard rock)
1989 “Red light” (Full-lenght album, 1 st pressing, very rare!!!)
1994 “Ugarochki” (Full-lenght album, very rare!!!)

KRUIZ (80-s power/speed/thrash)
1986 "1"+ bonus tracks (Full-lenght album)
1988 Kruiz + bonus tracks (Full-lenght album) Highly recommended!

KIPELOV / MAVRIN(solo-project of ex. Aria members)
1997 “Smutnoe vremja”(Dark ages) (Full-lenght album, CD, out-of-print, rare, good offer only!))

OLVY (feat. Arida Vortex members, power/speed)
2006 “T’ma i svet” (Darkness and light) (Full-lenght album, CD)
2009 “Poslednee Nebo” (Last sky) (Full-lenght album, CD)

HAKER (power metal)
2006 Vzlom (Breakthrough) (Full-lenght album, CD)

SAMHAIN (ex. Catharsis, Prog power metal)
2006 Epiphany (Full-lenght album, CD)

DEADXHEAD (speed/thrash ala Megadeth 90-92)
2006 "Regressive By Default" (Full-lenght album, CD)

TRILOGY (classic 80-s Heavy Metal ala Aria)
2006 Part 1 (Full-lenght album, CD)

NEФEЛIM (Prog power metal)
2002 The gates of creation (Full-lenght album, CD)

EXTROVERT (Prog power metal)
2005 Awakening the ocean (Full-lenght album, CD)

ALLYJ RASSVET (Melodic Heavy/Power ala Epidemia, Arda)
2005 Wings of the angel (Full-lenght album, CD) GOOD OFFER ONLY!

P.O.S.T. (Heavy metal ala Black Obelisk 2000-2007)
2008 Pain (aka Bol’) (Full-lenght album, CD)

LUNA AETERNA (epic sympho metal with female vocal ala Nightwish etc.)
2006 Mystery (Full-lenght album, CD)

RAIN (classic heavy/power)
2007 “Temple of the Diablo” (Full-lenght album, CD)

REQUIEM (classic heavy/power)
2007 “Renewed World” (Full-lenght album, CD)

BASTION OF DESTINY (Heavy Metal, sung in Russian)
2007 “Life” (Full-lenght album, CD)

KORSIКA (Heavy Metal, ex-Citadel Vetrov.)
2007 “Play” (Full-lenght album, CD)
2009 “Apokalipsis Afterparty” (Full-lenght album, CD)

CALLISTO (Heavy Metal, sung in Russian)
2007 “Callisto” (Full-lenght album, CD)

IVAN TZAREVICH (Folk Heavy Metal, sung in Russian)
2007 “Idu na Vy!” (Full-lenght album, digi - CD) Good offer only

ALIK GRANOVSKIY (Solo album of MASTER’s bassist, Heavy Metal, sung in Russian)
2004 “Big walk” (Full-lenght album, CD) – rare 1st pressing, good offer only

OBLACHNYJ KRAJ (80-s Heavy Metal, sung in Russian)
1982 "Oblachnij kraj 1" / "Velikaja garmonija" (2 albums on 1 CD) –good offer only!
1982 "Oblachnij kraj II - Selhozrok" (2 albums on 1 CD)–good offer only! SOLD!
1983/84 "Vershina idiotizma" / "H-ja Samodejatel'nost'" (2 albums on 1 CD)–good offer only!
1985 “Ludi i stremya (digi)” (Full-lenght album, CD) –good offer only!
1991 "Oblachnij kraj" (Full-lenght album, CD, reissue 1999) –good offer only!
1999 "Lubov' k zhizni" + bonus track (Full-lenght album, CD) –good offer only!
2002 “"Patriot" (Full-lenght album, CD) –good offer only!

BIG HISTORY (Heavy Power Metal)
2007 “Perpetuum Mobile” (Full-lenght album, CD)

MECHANIX (Thrash Metal, sung in Russian)
2008 “Mechanix” (Full-lenght album, CD)

SUNRISE (Melodic Power Metal)
2007 “Liberty” (Full-lenght album, CD)

5 STIHIY (5 SEASONS) (Melodic Heavy Metal)
2008 “Phenix” (Full-lenght album, CD)

O.D. (Classic Heavy Metal with epic touch ala Legion)
2008 “World without lights” (Full-lenght album, CD)

GRAN- COURAGE (Heavy Metal in Aria vein, ex-Courage)
2008 “New hope's light” (Full-lenght album, CD)

ANDEM (Melodic metal / power)
2008 “Pendulum of life” (Full-lenght album, CD)

D.I.V.А. (heavy power metal)
2008 “Angel of light” (Full-lenght album, CD)

JUDGEMENT DAY (SUDNIY DEN) (sympho power metal)
2008 “BLACK PROPHECY” (Full-lenght album, CD)

SCALD (Great epic doom metal like Candlemass)
1994 “Will of the Gods is a great Power” (Full-lenght album, CD)

CLINIC (80-s heavy/thrash/power)
2002 “...Nishtyak, Klinika!!! (1990-92)” (Full-lenght album, CD)

MAGISTR (heavy power metal)
2004 “Niagara” (Full-lenght album, CD)
2005 “Zazerkalie” (Full-lenght album, CD)
2009 “Korporaciya Illuziy” (Full-lenght album, CD)

Citadel (Rus) (power/speed)
2008 “Game of light and shadow” (Full-lenght album, self-release, limited edition)

Abordazh (power/speed)
2008 “Adskiy Shtorm” (Full-lenght album, CD)

MAFIA (Heavy Thrash Metal ala Black Obelisk)
2008 “Tayni” (Full-lenght album, CD)

Epitafiya (Heavy/Thrash metal, produced by Master members)
2008 “Hostages of System ("Zalozhniki Sistemy")” (Full-lenght album, CD)

RED DAWN (KRASNYII RASSVET) (Hard rock/Heavy metal)
2009 Luchshee - The best (1989-2009) (Album)

FIRST AID (aka Skoraya Pomosch) (heavy metal, ala mix of Accept & Judas Priest)
1991 Hellraiser (Album, cd, self-release) (very good offer only!)
1989 Svoimi rukami ('By Hands') + bonus tracks (Album, cd)

Fort Royal (heavy metal)
1995 “Catch the witch” ("Lovite Vedmu" (autographed!)) (Album, cd, self-release) (very good offer only!)
2005 “The doors” (“Dveri” (autographed!)) + bonus tracks (Album, cd) good offer only!
2004 “Sdelano v Rok-Siti” DVD (autographed!)

HMR (thrash/heavy metal)
2008 Against all (Protiv vseh) (Album, cd)
2009 Prosto i grubo (Album, cd)

TROY (TROYA) (heavy/power)
2008 World in fire (Mir v Ogne) (Album, cd)
2009 Vozdushnye Zamki (Sky towers) (Album, cd)

The Arrow (heavy/power)
2006 Keeper of the souls (Album, cd)
2009 Lady Nite (Album, cd, feat. guest musicians:Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian), "Peavy" Wagner (Rage), Arthur Berkut (Aria))

AHIMSA (classic heavy metal)
2010 Na styke vremen (On the edge of time) (Album, cd)

Oderzhimost (classic heavy/power metal)
2010 Hoziain zla (Master of evil) +1 bonus track (Album, cd)

ADAMANT (classic heavy/power metal)
2010 Blood of Dawn (Album, cd)

ARKTIDA (classic heavy/power metal)
2009 On horizon (Album, cd)

ARES (classic epic heavy metal)
2008 Ares (Album, cd)

VIKONT (classic heavy/power metal)
2009 Na podstupah k nebu (Guest vocals on track 6 - Artur Berkut (Aria)

Hammerforce (power metal)
2009 Dice (Album, cd)

EKZISTENCIA (power metal)
2008 The Storm Master (Album, cd)

OBEREG (classic epic heavy metal)
2007 From the depths of time (Album, cd) GOOD OFFER!

SPHINX (sympho power metal)
2008 Prizrak (Ghost) (Album, cd)

AEDRA (melodic metal)
2010 Tayni zerkal (Mystery of mirrors) (Album, cd)

TERRA INC. (melodic metal)
2010 TERRA INC. (Album, cd)

Entropia (Ukraina) (thrash/heavy metal)
2010 Mirage (Album, cd)

GODS TOWER (Pagan Folk Doom Metal)
2004 Anthology (2CD, slipcase)

Pushking (ex- Avgust) (hard’n’heavy)
2006 Village Songs (Album, cd)

BARSA (hard’n’heavy)
2007 Hands-wings (Album, cd)

AVENTAIL (melodic power metal with harsh voice ala Children of Bodom)
2008 Poisk puti (Searching tha path) (Album, cd)

Faktor Straha (ex- Trizna) (thrash metal with harsh voice ala Children of Bodom)
2006 Teatr Voennih Deystviy. Akt 2 (Album, cd)

Hell's Thrash Horsemen (80-s speed/thrash metal)
2010 Going Sane (Album, cd)

EPOHA (classic heavy/power metal)
2009 Kleymo Vechnogo Dolga (Album, cd)

Materia Prima (classic epic heavy/power metal)
2008 Vechnost' i Pokoy (Album, cd)

Dom Vetrov (House of winds) (folk heavy/power metal)
2008 Ot Zemli (Album, cd)

BLIND ROVER 10 let skitaniy (great power/speed ala Running Wild) 2009

GHOSTHILL Embrace Of A Chasm Front 2010 Russian power metal
MONOMAKH (Russia) I Wanted To See An Angel 1993 Hard Rock
TSAR (USA) Tsar 1995 (feat. Berkut (Aria vocal), Mavrin (Aria guitar))
HUNTERS (ex-members of Archontes) Night Shadows (2011) Russian Heavy Metal
AUGUST Demon + bonus tracks (1987) Russian Heavy Metal
AUGUST Otvetniy Udar + bonus tracks (1989) Russian Heavy Metal
ARKTIDA (ex-Citadel (Rus) members) "Through the Centuries" (2011) Russian Heavy/Power Metal
First Aid (Rus, aka Skoraya Pomosch) Reanimator (1992) Russian Heavy Metal
PARANOIA Mest zla (Revenge of evil) 1994 (Thrash/speed,a-la MASTER,Russia)
BARSOOM Under the moons of mars Power Speed Metal
WARNAMENT “Where Home is found” (Thrash Metal)
FANGTOOTH Fangtooth (doom ala Candlemass)
ANTI “Anger” (Thrash Metal)
SANGARA Symphonia Zla
SANTA MARIA “Life on the edge”(Zhizn’ na grani)
CHARIZMA “Disconnect from the Net” (classic heavy metal, EP, digipack)
MASTER 33 Lives + bonus tracks (Rare 1st press - self-release, cult Russian thrash) 2004
Great Revivle Wild 2010 Hard Rock
Hellraiser We'll Bury You (1990) Thrash Metal
Hellraiser No Brain, No Pain (1994) Thrash Metal

Korsika Apocalypsis Afterparty 2009 Heavy Metal
KRUGER Embryon 1990 Thrash Metal

Shadow Host Curse Of The Angeleye 2005 Power Metal
X-FACTOR (pre-Mortifer) X-Factor + bonus tracks 2005 True 80-s Heavy Metal
Antikira Antikira 2011 Heavy/Thrash Metal ala Master
ARDA (ex-EPIDEMIA) Exorcist (EP) 2005 Power Metal
ARDA (ex-EPIDEMIA) More ischezayuschih vremen 2007 Power Metal

LEGION Give me the name 2005 Heavy Metal
MASTER XX years (part 1) DVD 2008 Heavy Thrash Metal
MASTER XX years (part 2) DVD 2008 Heavy Thrash Metal
NATISK Hard night (EP) 2008 Heavy Metal
ODDYSS Young Gods 2008 Epic Metal
TEATR TENEY (THEATER OF SHADOWS) Capoeira 2008 Heavy Metal
BLACK OBELISK Green album 2006 Heavy Metal

TERRAN (Rus) Among the Edge (2011) (heavy)
ARIDA VORTEX (Rus) Invisible Tension (2011) Power Metal
R-GENIUM (Rus) What Dreams May Come (2011) Power Metal
A Tribute to FIRST AID (heavy)
Al'virius Beyond the Human Nation (sympho thrash)

BLACK OBELISK 20 years and one more day…DVD+CD digipack
TIARA Vo mne (Inside me) (classic heavy)
SHAH (Thrash Metal,USSR) Escape From Mind 1993(1987)
CHARIZMA Power & Faith (2011) heavy metal
ARIA Battlefield (self-release EP, 2009, good offer only!)
MASTER XX years (2 cd)
MASTER Labyrinth (1999)
GOVNILIUM Vse v derme (Russian epic heavy doom ala Bathory (90-91) + Solitude Aeturnus/Candlemass)
AMALTEYA Book of mortal names (Книга Мёртвых Имён) Russian power metal
EPIDEMIA Way to home (Doroga Domoi) 2010 (digi) power/speed
ARIA Phoenix + bonus tracks 2011
ECLIPSE HUNTER (Rus) Unlimited Edition (2011)

SKIPETR Turn This World Around (Heavy / power with female vocal (2012))

TRUST X (ex-Decuman Wave) On the Edge of Forever + Faded sun (2CD) Heavy / power metal (2011)

VIOLENT OMEN (Ukraine) LUNATIC'S REVENGE Thrash metal (2011)
BLACK OBELISK (feat. Kipelov (ex- Aria) Kogda-nibud' (6 audio tracks + 8 video tracks) 2006 Heavy Metal
Kruger Embrio 1991 Thrash/Death Metal
The Arrow Lady Nite 2008 Heavy Power Metal
ARCHONTES "The world where shadows come to life" (Russian power/speed, good offer only!) Valiant/ Metal Agen
ANDREY SMIRNOV (ex-Shadow Host, ex-D.I.V.А., ex-Master, ex-Epidemia) Adrenaline 2012 Heavy Metal
ANTARKTIDA Edge 2012 Power Metal
Legion Invisible warrior
HAMER (ex-KRUGER) Thoughts aloud (Mysli vsluh)
HAMER (ex-KRUGER) Rockwarium/ Rock-hoppera
HAMER (ex-KRUGER) Dieselturbotank
TRETIY RIM (THE 3rd ROMA) Moving ahead (Hard rock)
Shadow Host Bringer Of Revenge
Stonehand Black Babylon
HAMER (ex-KRUGER) Byvni (2012)
Старый Город / Old City (Kruger) Вольчья яма/Пятница 13 (2 cd)
BLACK OBELISK Tribute to Чёрный Обелиск 2сд
BLACK SMITH (Cherniy Kuznets) I am who I am
BLACK SMITH (Cherniy Kuznets) Pulse
KORROZIA METALLA Cannibal tour (DVD) 1991
CONQUEST "IV" Power/Speed Metal
Gran-Kurazh "Hearts in Atlantis" True heavy metal
POTERYANNIY VEK (LOST CENTURY) "Don’t cost a life" True heavy metal
FANTOM Hour of payment + bonus track True heavy metal 2012
VIKONT Not to conquer fate! True heavy metal

P.S. Almost all titles names have translated on English!

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