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SolaceCD011 - Cosmic Weapon of Thule "NS Techno"
People say I invented NS Techno, which is a complete misunderstanding as it actually was invented long before I got into music. I just run the label that originally issued the album with the name “NS Techno” on tape a few years ago. Cosmic Weapon of Thule create electronic sound art and their mysterious frontman calling himself “The Cosmic Man” is the oracle of the strange Avant-Garde esoteric ring wing art collective known as the Lunar Heathen Front. Writing on eventying from Judaism to African Politics, this movement has proven to be something out of this world. The expanded art contains more writings about their eight faced deity, Atlantist religion, self-reliance, how life was at one point a life form with a single gender and his numerous past lives. Electronic music for the spiritual elite only!

Sample track: http://youtu.be/dBYr_dlWQ0g

SolaceCD014 - Astral Legions "In This, We Conquer"

Proper USBM is rare, despite how many bands that pop up everyday in this country. Astral Legions has risen fast to take the spot at the top of the USNSBM mountain, as they stay true to form and play something that is fully American in nature. “In This, We Conquer!” is a pro CD compilation of every tape I've released thus far with the exception of the Chroniken Von Menschenverachtung demo album. One of the most explicit and controversial bands to ever come out of this label. Many people in this country pick to instruments, make music with the idea of assimilating with their European counterparts as a type of reverse wannabe American/European nationalist, and as history has shown these projects almost never take off due to the lack of conviction behind the people who make them. Astral Legions stay true to their own ideals and the tracks on this CD have reinvented the idea of American NS Black Metal. Also included in this is one previously unreleased track that shall remain exclusive to this CD.

This CD also is probably the only Winter Solace title to ever be released with a special “Die Hard” edition. The first 50 copies will include an authentic ww2 era Reichsmark brought back after the war as Allied Plunder. To date this would be the only NS Black Metal item to include an actual piece from Nazi Germany and is a must have for any collector of this music. This edition is hand-numbered and will include the buyers name written on there, should anyone attempt to flip it they can be guaranteed to get a very public response from this label. This edition will only be sold within the Winter Solace website mailorder.

Sample Track: https://youtu.be/sk7y--nmRh8
Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/Astral-Legions-I ... se/7390239

Solace185 - Singhasari "Kebangkitan Nusantara"

Patriotic black metal has been a gateway into the mystical realm of world music long before I came along. About 5 years ago Singhasari recorded their only album to date “Kebangkitan Nusantara” with the idea of being the next Nokturnal Mortum, Kroda or Veles. While that act in itself is nothing special, Singhasari come from Selangor, Malaysia and their music is composed with Malay traditional instruments rather then traditional Slavic instruments. This recording has been passed around the underground and reissued on numerous different editions (one of which was stocked here to success a few years ago) that have languished in total obscurity. This cassette reissue on the winter solace label is a newly mastered version and could be considered the definite reissue of this recording, and is to date the only Nusantaran Pagan Metal band to receive any kind of worldwide release with proper distribution.

Sample Track: https://youtu.be/e2e737CFsnE
Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/Singhasari-Keban ... se/7389940

Solace204 - Gloriosa Bandeira N.S. "W.P.B.M"
Solace205 - Via Dolorosa/Gloriosa Bandeira N.S. "Extermination...."

Gloriosa Bandeira N.S come from Brazil. There name in English means something like “The Glorious Banner of NS” and are the next on a long list of new bands Winter Solace has unleashed upon the world. I got copies of the Cdr split he did with Via Dolorosa and those sold out long before I could get this update done. That split cdr has been reissued as a tape in cooperation with War Kommand in Italy under the name of “Extermination...” and I have also made an edition of the GBNS demo “W.P.B.M” so the world can hear the band by itself. Great things are expected from GBNS in the future and they are welcomed to this roster with delight! Noise + Black Metal + RAC.

Sample track (from the stand alone tape): https://youtu.be/1XunZ8bBes8
Sample track (from the split with Via Dolorosa): http://youtu.be/ewE9SmHZsUk


http://www.discogs.com/Gloriosa-Bandeir ... se/7390084
http://www.discogs.com/Via-Dolorosa-Glo ... on/release


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