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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Mon May 12, 2008 4:33 am
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Location: Venezuela
PostPosted: Tue Apr 20, 2021 9:50 am 

Anfitrite is a symphonic gothic metal project originally from Venezuela founded in 2012 by keyboardist, arranger and composer Sting Weiss. The vast majority of the songs of this group focus on Greek mythology.

It should be noted that Sting Weiss has collaborated with great musicians within the Venezuelan and international metal scene, such as Itea Benedicto (former vocalist of Niobeth), members of MortuoriuM and former members of the Spanish band Dark Moor and Retribution.


In 2014 they managed to release their first album in digital format through the Bandcamp platform. Since then they became one of the most influential bands of the genre in Venezuela and also managed to become known in the rest of the world.

Currently the band is working on what will be their third musical work that they plan to release under the name of "Helena de Troya" in digital and physical format (CD and USB) in limited edition.

This material will be the first production created by the new line-up of the project, which is now integrated by Ysis Vivas (ex Hekla singer) as lead vocalist, Sting Weiss on keyboards/orchestration/guttural vocals, TJ Richardson (Salvation's End) on guitars and José Mendoza (Jihad) on bass.


But, in order to complete the recording they need the support of all those interested in lending them a helping hand. This is due to the serious political, economic and social crisis that Venezuela is suffering at the moment, making it very difficult to complete the EP by their own means.

Consequently, they have decided to officially launch a worldwide crowdfunding campaign. Through this campaign they seek to encourage donors by offering an interesting reward based on their valuable contribution.

All the details related to the Crowdfunding campaign can be found at the following link along with some samples of the material they are preparing, a more complete biography and more details about the album: https://bit.ly/3eboCSn

Although, for those who wish to access directly to the donation section for the campaign, a quick summary of the campaign and the rewards to be distributed among the donors, just click on this link: https://bit.ly/3tpkNzH

official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AnfitriteBanda
official website: https://artistecard.com/anfitriteband
source of the official campaign announcement: https://artistecard.com/anfitriteband#!/news/2021/72738

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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Mon May 12, 2008 4:33 am
Posts: 25
Location: Venezuela
PostPosted: Tue May 11, 2021 7:34 pm 

Crowdfunding campaign to finish recording Anfitrite's next EP (complete details)


We are "Anfitrite", a symphonic metal band from Venezuela. We need your help in order to finish the recording, mixing and mastering of our third album.

The band was founded in 2012 being named like the consort of Poseidon. Since then we have released a couple of EP's (self-produced to a certain way), inspired by Greek mythology, which have gained us an important number of followers in our country, besides having exposed our music to international audiences.

Likewise, our songs have become part of several symphonic metal compilations and metal in general, being part of the playlist of several national and international radio stations.

At the same time, we have participated in several concerts, specially highlighting our masterful presentation at the Ambrosio Oropeza Theater (UCLA) in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, in front of a considerable number of people that gave us a very good reputation and thousands of views in the videos related to this event.

On the other hand, our leader and keyboardist Sting Weiss has participated in several side projects with musicians such as Itea Benedicto (Ex-Niobeth), members of Dark Moor, Retribution and other metal bands.

Our first work was an album called "Origo", released in 2014 through the Bandcamp platform. Later, the release of "Beyond Evolution" took place in 2017 through our official website.

We are currently in the middle of recording our third musical work, which will be called "Helena de Troya" (Helen of Troy). This will consist of an EP with which we hope to offer a better experience to our audience in every way, as it has been in the process of creation since 2018.

At first glance, the EP "Helen of Troy" already represents a real evolution in Anfitrite's history. This mainly due to a considerable improvement in musical composition character, thanks to the entry of the new members of the project, who have brought all their musical knowledge and extensive experience in the medium.

As a curious fact, for the recording of each of the songs, our keyboardist was given the task of borrowing several specific models of keyboard, among which are the Korg M1, Korg X5D, Korg Karma and Yamaha Motiff. This with the idea of obtaining a more organic and better quality sound.

---Current band members---

-Ysis Vivas (soprano vocals)

-Sting Weiss (grunt vocals, keyboards, orchestration and programming)

-Tj Richardson (guitars)

-José Mendoza (bass)

---A few more things you should know---

In our country the situation has become more complicated with the passing of time and, as a consequence, it has become extremely difficult to produce an EP or a complete album. For this reason we have considered different alternative options to solve this big problem. One of them is crowdfunding and another would be remote recordings.

Fortunately, we have achieved important advances thanks to remote recordings. This is due to a previous investment of money on our part, shortly before the inflation and the crisis in Venezuela. So here's the picture at the moment:

+ Our next EP called "Helena de Troya" (Helen of Troy) is complete in a 60%. We need some funds to invest in the other 40% of the process, that includes recording of vocal tracks with pro mics, mixing and mastering in a professional studio.

+ It will include 5 unreleased songs + 1 special bonus track

+ It will be available, at first, in digital format by the middle of 2022 (tentative date) on this platform and in CD and USB format some time later (we find an interesting solution for that, but we need a little of time for organization and logistics)

+ It will include an awesome and original high quality artwork that is complete in 100%.

---What are the benefits and rewards you would get for making a donation to us?---

+ We will send you our complete EP (all songs + booklet + artwork) for free to your email address.

+ In addition, we will notify you later where you can order it in CD or USB format*. It is worth mentioning that participating in this campaign will be the only way to get our EP in CD or USB* format, which will make this musical work an exclusive, valuable and limited edition product only available to a privileged few people.

(*) We will publish related information about the countries to which we can ship CDs or USBs and those we can't when we announce the official release date of the EP.

+ Your name will be mentioned in the acknowledgements inside the booklet of our EP (both in digital and CD or USB format), through our social networks, a publication in Ko‑fi and our website.

+ The way we will grant these mentions will depend on the contribution you have previously made during this crowdfunding campaign:

--Donation of $3 = Mention of your name as "Special Thanks".

--Donation of $10 = Mention of your name as "Sponsor".

--Donation of $20 = Mention of your name as "Anfitrite Staff Member".

--Donation of $50= Mention of your name as "Executive Producer "*

--Donation of $100 = Mention of your name as "Executive Director "*

(*) Note: An additional benefit is that only mentions as "Executive Producer" and "Executive Director" will be given priority consideration for future promotions. Example: discount on concert tickets, discounts on merchandise, among others.

---How will we invest the money raised?---

+ The totality of the collected donations will be used to finish the recording and mixing of our songs in a professional studio. This will allow us to get a better sound.

+ We also plan to use part of this money to master each song, which will allow them to sound much better on any type of device and be on par with other commercial productions.

+ We estimate that the above will cost us approximately $4000.

+ If there is any money left over, then we will invest it in a small (but very well planned) promotional campaign to make ourselves a little more known in the world and in buying a domain name (for one year) for our new website, which we hope to launch very soon and will include several surprises.

---How will we release our next EP?---

+ Our songs will be available in the online store of this same platform (ko-fi) at a very affordable price. But only those who have participated in this crowdfunding campaign will be able to get it for free and order it in CD or limited edition USB format.

---When will the EP be released?---

+ We plan to release the EP "Helen of Troy" by mid 2022. However, this date may be changed to have it released much earlier or a little later. This will depend on the results of the current Crowdfunding campaign and how long the recording, mixing and mastering process of all the songs takes.

+ We will be informing about the progress in that regard through ko-fi, our official Facebook account and our current website, as well as the final release date.

+ Either way the EP will be released (you can be sure of that) and you will be able to enjoy it while relaxing in your favorite place with a good drink.

---Duration of the current crowdfunding campaign---

This campaign formally started at the beginning of April and will close on December 7th of this year. In short, it will last approximately 8 months.

---How to participate in the campaign---

+ The first thing you have to do is to go here:


and register on this page and follow us by clicking on the "Follow" button located at the top right.

+ Then, above (if you navigate with your smartphone) or on the right (if you use PC or other devices) you will find a super simple form ("donate" button that will display a form if you navigate on a smartphone) where you just have to write down the amount you want to donate and your name and email.

+ Finally, you click on the button (Donate) and immediately you will be asked to write down again your email address and select one between the two available payment options which are: Paypal and Debit or Credit Card, after which we will automatically receive your donation and your personal details. It is relatively easy.

(*) Note: we need your data to include you in the list of rewards to be distributed and to notify you when the EP is available in CD and USB format.

---Privacy Policy---

The personal data of each participant will be used responsibly by us and kept secure and confidential. This guarantees that it will not be sold to third parties or used for spamming or fraudulent activities.

However, by participating in the campaign you also authorize us to send you occasional e-mails (whenever possible) informing you about the results of the campaign and all matters concerning CD or USB orders, as well as the final release date of the EP.

--Please, help us to make our dream come true!---

We are doing everything we can to make this dream come true, but we need your vital help.

Our long-term goal is to become the best symphonic metal band in Venezuela and, at the same time, to make ourselves even better known in the international scene.

Inspired by great bands like Epica we are looking to evolve and make our music reach much higher standards in the near future.

All this can be possible if you help us by participating in this campaign. Our dream is yours too, because you are a lover of good music. That's why we believe that together we can make this project a reality, experience it in each of its facets and celebrate our triumph at the end as a great team.

Thank you very much for your attention!! we are waiting for your kind contribution :)

Listen and download for free our previous albums here:


E-mail: [url]anfitritebanda@gmail.com[/url]

Follow us: http://www.facebook.com/AnfitriteBanda

Twitter: @anfitritebanda

Instagram: @anfitriteband



Official website: https://artistecard.com/anfitriteband

Official youtube channel: https://m.youtube.com/user/anfitriteband

Anfitrite on Metal-Archives: https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Anfitrite/3540387863

Mallcore Kid

Joined: Mon May 12, 2008 4:33 am
Posts: 25
Location: Venezuela
PostPosted: Wed May 12, 2021 7:34 am 

Listen to full samples of some of the songs that will be part of our next EP:



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