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PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 11:26 am 

Stuff for trade or sale (all CDs):

Dogbane: Residual Alcatraz 6€
The Human Condition: Pathways 5€
Fantasmagoria: Fuck You All 3€
Father Merrin: All Is Well That Ends in Hell 4€
Metallica: And Justice For All 4€
Rhapsody: Symphony Of Enchanted Lands 4€
Angra: Freedom Call 4€
Excruciation: (G)host (OVP) 8€
Green Day: 1039 / Smoothed Out Slappy Hours 2€
Night In Gales: Ashes & Ends 5€
Pretty Maids: Red, Hot And Heavy 3€
Rhapsody: Legendary Tales 5€
Stillborn: The permanent solution 1€
Tierra Santa: Sangre de Reyes (russische Pressung) 2€
Tumor: Neues Fleisch - Operation 2 1€
OST: Mission Impossible 1€
OST: Scary Movie 1€
OST: The Jackal 1€
OST: The Matrix 1€
OST: Godzilla 1€
OST: The Faculty 1€
Angra: Fireworks 5€
Angra: Rebirth 5€
Angra: Holy Land 5€
Angra: Holy Live 4€
Angra: Angels Cry 5€
Avantasia: Avantasia (Single) 5€
Blind Guardian: Mirror Mirror 5€
Blind Guardian: Live (DoCD) 5€
Edguy: Burning Down The Opera - Live (DoCD) 5€
Elvenstorm: Blood Leads To Glory 5€
Hammerfall: Legacy of Kings 6€
Mötley Crüe: Dr. Feelgood (Elektra 1989) 5€
Mötley Crüe: Girls Girls Girls (Elektra 1987) 5€
Pretty Maids: Sin-Decade 3€
Pretty Maids: Future World 5€
Rage: Trapped! (Noise 1992) 6€
Rage: Lingua Mortis 3€
Rage: Black In Mind / Avenger: Prayers Of Steel (DoCD) 10€
Rage: Welcome To The Other Side 7€
Rhapsody: Dawn Of Victory 4€
Rhapsody: Live In Canada 2005 (CD + DVD) 5€
Rhapsody Of Fire: Triumph Or Agony (limited Digi, 2 Bonus Tracks) 5€
Riot: Nightbreaker 10€
Sircle Of Silence: Sircle Of Silence 3€
Vicious Rumors: Word Of Mouth 8€
Witch Blade: Oskuldernas Eld 5€​
Clenched Fist: The Gift Of Death (OVP) 5€
Deja Vu: Ejected (OVP) 5€
Dracena: Cursed To The Night (OVP) 6€
Dracena: Infernal Damnation 10€
Erazor: Dust Monuments (OVP) 5€
Graveyard After Graveyard: Bagged And Dragged To A Fullmoon Burial 5€
Hate Beyond: Verge O Death 4€
Headhunter D.C.: ...In Unholy Mourning... (OVP) 8€
Lady Beast: II (Digi, OVP) 6€
Prime Evil: Blood Curse Resurrection (OVP) 6€
Riotor: Rusted Throne (OVP) 8€
Steel Assassin: WWII - Metal Of Honor 6€​
Riot: Thundersteel (CBS 1988) 8€

Blitzkrieg: Theatre Of The Damned 5€
Bruce Dickinson: Skunkworks 2€
Centaur: God Complex 3€
Fiona: Fiona (Wounded Bird) 8€
In Solitude: In Solitude 5€
Iron Curtain: Guilty As Charged 8€
Moon'Doc: Get Mooned 8€

Blue Öyster Cult: Cult Classics 3€
Clawfinger: Deaf Dumb Blind 1€
Tiamat: Clouds (Erstpressung) 5€
Tiamat: Gaia 3€
Tiamat: The Sleeping Beauty 3€
Webb Wilder: Acres of Suede 5€
Ice T: The Classic Collection 2€
Slayer: Reign In Blood 4€
Venom: Metal Black 6€​
Running Wild: Masquerade 5€
Collective Soul: Disciplined Breakdown 2€
Gallery: Blue (Single CD) 1€
Green Yeti: The Yeti Has Landed (Eigenprodultion) 10€
John Lee Hooker: Eight Classic Albums (4 CD) 7€
Monstrosity: In Dark Purity (Shape CD) 20€
OST: Mortal Kombat: More Kombat 2€
OST: Mission: Impossible 2 1€
Palace (D): Toy Of Rage 12€
Palace (D): Divine Intervention 7€
Palace (D): Black Sun 18€
Palace (D): The 7th Steel 5€
Palace (D): Dreamevilizer 7€
Toledo Steel: Zero Hour (Eigenproduktion) 6€
Varg: Guten Tag (CD + DVD) 8€​
Slade: Collection Vol. 2, 79 - 87 2€

Hell: Human Remains (DoCD) 12€
Fueled By Fire: Spread The Fire 3€
Guns'n'Roses: Appetite For Destruction 1€
Ice T & Body Count: Live USA 2€
Iced Earth: Something Wicked… 5€
Iron Maiden: Dance Of Death 2€
Korn: Korn 1€
Kreator: Coma of Souls 7€
Kreator: Endless Pain 6€
Megadeth: Peace Sells (2004) 2€
Megadeth: Rust In Peace (2004) 2€
Megadeth: Countdown To Extinction (2004) 2€
Megadeth: Endgame 4€
Metallica: Metallica 2€
Pantera: Vulgar Display Of Power 3€
Paternoster: Virus 1€
P.O.D.: Payable On Death (Cd + DVD) 2€
Sentenced: Love & Death 4€
Slayer: Seasons In the Abyss 4€
Sodom: Tapping The Vein 5€
Testament: First Strike Still Deadly 5€
Testament: The Formation Of Damnation 5€
Venom: Welcome To Hell (Castle 2002) 5€
Venom: Black Metal (Castle 2002) 5€
Venom: Resurrection 6€
Voivod: Katorz 5€
Annihilator: Alice In Hell (Roadrunner 1998) 5€
Dark Angel: Time does Not heal - Black Edition 10€
Death Angel: Killing Season (CD + DVD) 6€
Destruction: All Hell Breaks Loose / The Antichrist 8€
Exciter: Thrash Speed Burn 5€
Exodus: Bonded By Blood (Lonely planet / Century Media 1999) 8€
Exodus: Shovel Headed kill machine 5€
Exodus: The atrocity Exhibition - A 4€
Exodus: Exhibit B 4€
Megadeth: Killing Is My Business (Century Media 2009 / Vinyl-Optik) 8€
Sodom: Sodom (limited Edition) 10€
Tankard: Best Case Scenario (DoCD) 9€
Venom: Cast In Stone (DoCD, 3D-Cover) 6€

Body Count: Body Count 1€
Body Count: Born Dead 1€
Body Count: Violent Demise 1€
Body Count: Live Copkiller 3€
Bon Jovi: Live Albany NY 1993 Volume Two 2€
Clawfinger: Deaf Dumb Blind 1€
Clawfinger: Use Your Brain 1€
Dog Eat Dog: Play Games 1€
Dog Eat Dog: All Boro Kings 1€
Dog Eat Dog: Amped 2€
Guano Apes: Proud Like A God 1€
H-Block: Time To Move 1€
H-Block: Discover my Soul 1€
H-Block: Little girl 1€
H-Block: Go Freaky 1€
Kid Rock: The History of Rock 1€
Maximum Rammstein
https://www.discogs.com/de/Rammstei...o ... se/4652250
Manowar: Metal Hammer Collection 16€
Megaherz: Himmelfahrt 3€
Metallica: I Disappear 3€
Pantera: The great Southern Trendkill 1€
Ugly Kid Joe: As Ugly As They Wanna Be 1€
Van Halen: Live: Jump 1€
AC/DC: Ballbrwaker 2€
Accept: Balls To The Wall (2001) 5€
Egypt: Pharaoe's Nightmare 10€
Grave Digger: Tunes of Wacken (DualDisc) 4€
Grave Digger: Heart of Darkness 5€
Grave Digger: Excalibur 4€
Helloween: The Dark Ride 5€
Hiroshima: Hiroshima 8€
Judas Priest: Demoltion (limited Edition, ohne Plektrum und Sticker) 8€
Motörhead: We Are Motörhead (limited Box) 20€
Nightwish: Oceanborn 1€
Nightwish: Wishmaster 2€
Nightwish: Angels Fall First 3€
Pussy Sisster: Pussy Sisster (Flyerdevil 2009) 18€
Running Wild: The Brotherhood 11€
Running Wild: The Rivalry 3€
​Autopsy: Mental Funeral (Peaceville 1991 / kanadische Pressung) 13€
https://www.discogs.com/de/Autopsy-Ment ... se/4260885
China: We Are The Stars 8€
Erickson, Lenita: Lenita Erickson 6€
Kingdom Come: Twilight Cruiser 8€
Moonreich: Fugue (Digibook) 8€
Smokewagon: Deuce 3€

3 Inches Of Blood: Here Waits Thy Doom 4€
AC/DC: 74 Jailbreak 3€
AC/DC: Back In Black (Digipack) 4€
AC/DC tribute highway to hell (Klone 53) 2€
Accept, Breaker (Brain Records) 10€
Accept: Hungry Years 2€
Aerosmith: Get A Grip 1€
Afterworld: Dark Side Of Mind (Modern Music 1999) 3€
Agent Fresco: A Long Time Listening 10€
Alyson Hell: Alyson Hell 8€
Angra: Holy Live (Century Media) 4€
Annihilator: Never , Neverland (Roadrunner 1990) 5€
Annihilator: Carnival Diablos 5€
Anthenora: The Ghosts Of Iwo Jima 3€
Anthrax, Sound of white noise, 3€
AOK Das Böblein wollt ein Mädel sein 2€
Apocalyptica - Reflections 1€
April Wine: The Nature Of The Beast / Power Play (DoCD) 8€
Ashton, Gwyn: Feel The Heat 4€
Asia: Then & Now 2€
Asia: Who Will Stop The Rain? (Single CD) 4€
Asmegin - Hin Vordende Sod & So 6€
Aspire: In Defiance Of Fortune 10€
Assignment: Progressive Changes 6€
Astral Rising – In Quest 4€
At Vance: Only Human 4€ Aztec Jade: Paradise Lost 2€

Babymetal: Babymetal 3€
Babylon Whores - Death Of The West 4€
Bad English: Greatest Hits 3€
Ballard, Russ: The Seer 4€
Barren Cross, Hotter than hell live 4€
Battlefield: Still And Ever Again 10€
Beardfish: The Void (limited Digipak) (OVP) 8€
Beauvoir, Jean Chameleon 2€
Beck, Jeff you had it coming 2€
Bellybutton and the Knockwells: Blow Baby Blow 1€
Berry, Chuck Greatest hits 1€
Biss: Face - Off 4€
BitchHammer: Raging Hell Rivers 3€
Black Widow USA: Soldiers From Hell 9€
Bloodstained: Greetings From Hell 5€
Body Count: Live & Alive 4€
Böhse Onkelz, Dunkler Ort 1€
Böhse Onkelz: Hier Sind Die Onkelz 2€
Babylon Whores - Death Of The West 4€
Bolan, Marc: Misty Mist 1€
Boned up at the crack 10€
Butterfly Temple: Veles 5€

Caffery, Chris: Music Man 2€
Can: Ege Bamyasi (SACD) 8€
Cash, Johnny American III: solitary man 2€
Catharsis: Ballad of Earth (Irond 2007) (EP) 3€
CETI (POL): Razism 10€
CETI / Gregorz Kupczyk (POL): W Imie Praw / Demony Czasu 10€
China: All I Do Is Wait 3€
China: Go All The Way 4€
Circle Of Silence: The Rise Of Resistance 4€
Civil Defiance – The Fishers For Souls 3€
Clawfinger: Zeros And Heroes 4€
Claymore: Lament Of Victory 4€
Cohen, Leonard: The Future 1€
Cold Truth do whatcha do (Eigenproduktion) 6€
Coldseed – Completion Makes The Tragedy 1€
Collective Soul hints allegations and things left unsaid 2€
Collective Soul blender 1€
Collective Soul collective Soul 1€
Contraband (Michael Schenker, Tracii Guns): Contraband 8€
Corrosion of conformity Deliverance 2€
Coyote Kings Feelin' Lucky 7€
Crash Museum – Crash Museum 2€
Cresent: Cresent 5€
Cromlech: Ave Mortis 5€

Dacia & The WMD: Dacia & The WMD 1€
Dahl, Jeff: Leather Fankenstein 3€
Damn Yankees Don't Tread 2€
Danzig I luciferi 6€
Dark At Dawn: Oceans Of Time 8€
Dawnbringer: In Sickness And In Dreams 8€
Day Housten: Sun Of A New Day (We Bite 1993) 1€
Dead By Sunrise: Out Of Ashes 1€
Deaf Indians – Deaf Indians 3€
Dean, Paul Machine 3€
Degree Absolute: Degree Absolute 3€
Deine Lakaien: Kasmodiah 2€
Deine Lakaien: Winter Fisch Testosterone 2€
Deine Lakaien: Forest Enter Exit 3€
alle drei Deine Lakaien: 5€
Demians – Mute 2€
Demon Bitch: Death Is Hanging + Demo '12 10€
Demons And Wizards: Touched By The Crimson King 7€
Denial Price: Farewell Within Remains 3€
Der W schneller, höher, weidner 4€
Destiny´s End – Transition 4€
Destroyers (POL): The Miseries Of Virtue 7€
Die Ärzte: ZeiDverschwÄndung 3€
Disgrace: Turku 3€
Divine Regale: Ocean Mind 3€
Doomfoxx Doomfoxx (Digi) 6€
Dorian Gray – World Of Lies 6€
Dorian Gray – Man In The Dark 4€
Doro: All For Metal 3€

E- Force – Evil Forces 3€
Earle, Steve we ain't ever satisfied 1€
Edenbridge, Sunrise in Eden... 3€
Eluveitie: Slania 4€
Electric Ducks Back'n'forth 7€
Emblem (CAN): Emblem 10€
Endless Tears – Emotion 3€
Energy Vampires: Energy Vampires 9€
Enola Gay Pressure 4€
Enola Gay F.O.T.H. (Shark 1995) 4€
Enuff Z'nuff: Animals With Human Intelligence 3€
Etrusgrave: Tophet (OVP) 4€
Expretus: Electro.Technic 1€
Extrema – The Positive Pressure 3€

Faith: Blessed? (Transubstans Records 2008) 4€
Farmer Boys Countrified 3€
Fatal Opera: Fatal Opera (Massacre) 10€
Fight: A Small Deadly Space 2€
Filter – The Trouble With Angels 1€
Fiona: Beyond The Pale 7€ Foo Fighters: Wasting Light 1€
Forgive-Me-Not: Perfect Innocence 5€
Forgive-Me-Not: Tearfall 5€
Frank, Hermann: Loyal To None 7€
Frontline the state of rock (Long Island) 7€

Galactic Cowboys Machine fish 2€
Gali, Sven Sven Gali 4€
Gallow God – False Mystical Prose 4€
Gallows Pole: We Wanna Come Home 6€
Garden Of Eden: Búcsú Az Édentöl 4€
Genesis: Abacab 1€
Genesis, Invisible touch 1€
Genesis, Thee nights in Philly live (DoCD) 10€
George Thorogood And The Destroyers: Maverick 3€
Glamour the mood 2€
Goat Of Mendes: Hagzussa : Riding The Fence 5€
Godsmack – Awake 1€
Gozu: The Fury Of A Patient Man 3€
Graham Coxon: Love travels At Illegal Speeds 1€
Grave Digger, Excalibur 5€
Green Day: Bullet In A Bible (CD + DVD) 4€
Green Day: 21 Guns (single) 3€
Green Day: American Idiot 2€

Hambrigde, Tom Bang in' Roll 3€
Hambrigde, Tom Boogieman 3€
Hammerforce (RUS): Access Denied 5€
Hammerforce (RUS): Dice 5€
Hang Loose: Radical Scavengers 10€
Hard Rain: Hard Rain 2€
Hattrick (CZ) (Ales Brichta): I.+II. 8€
Heartland: Bridge Of Fools 6€
Heartland: Miracles By Design 6€
Heavy Honey: Crushing Symphony 3€
Hell: Human Remains 4€
Jörg Hertel: Audio Anomalie - unplayable guitar pieces (Eigenproduktion 2004) 1€
High Heeler (A): Force And Finesse (104 / 500) 8€
Highlander Harleyluja 5€
Highlander Highway Warrior 5€
Holy Dragons: Wolves of Odin 6€
House Of Broken Promises: Using The Useless 5€
House of Lords, What's forever for (single CD) 10€
Hughes, Gary: Once and Future King Part I 5€
Hundred Years – Skyhook 2€
Hyborian Steel: Barbaric Mysticism 6€

Iced Earth the dark saga 4€
Ikarus: This Is Life 2€
In Extremo: Sünder Ohne Zügel 2€
In Rags – A Brilliant Move 3€
Inner Strength: Shallow Reflections 7€
Inquisicion: Metal Genocide 5€
Intense: Second Sight 3€
Iron Fire: On The Edge 8€
Iron Fire: Thunderstorm 8€
Iron Mask: Black As Death 6€
Ironsword: Overlords Of Chaos 9€
Ivanhoe: Systematrix 5€

Jesse Strange: Jesse Strange 7€
Jester's Funeral: Shifting Skywards (OVP) 2€
Judas Priest, 73-93 2€

Kamelot the black halo (limited Digi, 2 Bonus Tracks) 6€
Kamelot, Dominion 8€
Kamelot, Eternity 10€
Kamelot: The Fourth Legacy 8€
alle vier Kamelot: 30€
Kammer Sieben: Unfinished Movies 2€
Katagory V: A New Breed Of Rebellion 6€
Killer: Thriller (Top X Music 2012) 7€
King Heavy: Guardian Demons 7€
Kingdom Come, Twilight Cruiser
Kings of the Sun Frontal attack 3€
Kiss: Playlist Plus (3CD) 3€
Kotipelto: Serenity (limited digipack) 3€
Kr´uppt – The Spunion Field 5€
Krashkarma: Paint The Devil 1€

Lake Of Tears: Moons And Mushrooms (russische Lizenzpressung) 4€
Lazy Poker Blues Band: Halsted 5€
Leash Law: Dogface 1€
Lee Aaron: Emotional Rain 5€ (reserviert)
Legal Weapon, Take out the trash 3€
Legion: Shadow Of The King (Eigenproduktion) 8€
Lillian Axe: Psychoschizophrenia 8€
Linkin Park: Minutes To Midnight 1€
Lion Twin: Nashville 5€
Live The Distance To Here 1€
Lovex Divine Insanity (Special Edition) 3€
Lonewolf: The Dark Crusade 5€
Loonatikk – Bark´n´Bite 5€
Lost Horizon: Awakening The World 4€
Lunatica: Fables & Dreams 6€
Lynyrd Skynyrd vicious cycle 3€

Mad Max: Night Of White Rock 6€
Magnum: Escape From The shadow Garden 5€ (reserviert)
Manilla Road: Circus Maximus (Iron Glory) 10€
Marathon: The First Run 8€
Marshall Law: Warning From History (Neat 1999) 8€
Marshall Law: Metal Detector 8€
Martriden – Martriden 3€
Mass: Angel Power 4€
Mc Garvey, Ryan forward in reverse 8€
Megadeth,Set the world on fire 8€
Megadeth,countdown to extinction (Rerelease 2004) 4€
Megalomaniax – Information Overload 1€
Mehida - Blood & Water 2€
Meliah Rage: Barely Human (DoCD) 7€
Mentors Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll 6€
Mind's Eye: Into The Unknown 5€
Mitchell, Kim Aural fixations 2€
Mitchell, Kim: Itch 2€
Monomakh (RUS): Я Хотел Увидеть Ангела / I Wanted To See An Angel 8€
Moon'Doc: Moon'Doc 11€
Moon Of Sorrow: A New Dawn 3€
Moore, Gary back on the Streets - The Rock Coolection 2€
Morgana Lefay Grand Materia (limited Digi) 7€
Mortal Whisper: Mortal Whisper 7€
Motörhead: Iron Fist (Castle 1996, 5 Bonus tracks) 7€ (reserviert)
Mr. Perfect fasten seat - belts 3€

Natisk: Волчьи Слёзы 6€
Nickelback: Here And Now 1€
Nickelback: Dark Horse 1€
Nightmare's End: Blackened Mystery 30€
No Justice far from everything 2€
No Justice No justice 3€
No Justice 2nd Avenue 3€
alle drei No Justice 7€
Nocturnal (S): Nocturnal (Psychedelic / Blues Rock) 4€
Non Fiction – It-s A Wonderful Lie 5€
Non Fiction – Preface 3€
North Mississippi Allstars Hernando 4€

Old Yron: Old Yron 4€
Omen battle cry (Metal Classics Series) 8€
Ordalia: The Return Of The King 5€
O.S.D.: Eyecolated 1€
Ost+Front: Ave Maria (CD + DVD) 6€
Ostara: Ultima Thule 2€
OZ: Roll The Dice 8€
Ozzy Osbourne: The Ultimate Sin / No Rest For The Wicked 5€

Attack On Titan (Hiroyuki Sawano) 12€
In The Name Of The Father 1€
The Saint 1€
V.A:: Last Action Hero 1€

P.O.S.T.: Pain (Cd Maximum 2008) 6€
Palmer, Robert: Don't Explain 2€
Parmesan: Amok 1€
Para§raph 51: Non Compos Mentis 5€
Pariah: Unity 30€
Pavlov's Dog: Third 8€
Pegazus,Breaking the Chains 4€
Phantom Phantom 6€
Phantom cyberchrist 6€
Phantom Lord: Evil's Domain 4€
Piledriver Piledriver (Status Quo Tribute Band) 2€
Piledriver Piles of rock 2€
Poverty Stinks: Another World 1€
Powergod – Evilution Part III 3€
Powersolo: Lemon Half Moon (E.S.P. Recordings) 4€ [Rock]
Pride & Glory: Pride & Glory 4€
Primus Inter Pares: Gerda 1€
Private Angel Selling off time in Wonderland 3€
Prong,Cleansing 2€
Puddle of Mudd come clean 1€
Punchy: Just My Type 1€

Queensryche,Eyes of a strange,Single 4€
Quiet Riot: Alive and Well 6€
Quireboys: Rock Champions 4€

Rage Black in mind (limited DoCD) 6€
Raven: All For One (Dissonance Productions 2017, 5 Bonus Tracks) 8€
Raven: One For All (Non Nobis 2015, 3 Bonus Tracks) 6€
Raven: Live At The Inferno 8€
Rebellion shakespeares Macbeth 5€
Rebellion miklagard (limited 3D-Cover) 7€
Rebellion sagas of iceland (limited 3D-Cover) 7€
alle drei Rebellion 18€
Redemption: The Origins Of Ruin 5€
Redrum Inc. – Selfish Blood 3€
Reign – Exit Clause 3€
Renaissance: The Death Of Art 3€
Retriem: Lead To Your Destiny (Metalism Records 2004) 6€
Reverend World won´t miss you (Charisma Records 1990 / cut out) 7€
Richthofen Seelenwalzer 2€
Riot: Born In America (Metal Blade 1999) 10€
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow: Stranger In Us All 2€
Ritual: Think Like A Mountain 5€
Rival – State Of Mind 3€
Roh Was viele nicht zu singen wagten 4€
Roh Wie krieg ich die Zeit bis zu meiner Beerdigung… 2€
Roh Rohmantisch 2€
alle drei Roh 7€
Romeo Dog (Rose Tattoo): Romeo Dog 8€

Samsas Traum - Endstation Eden 3€
Samsas Traum: Tinoeidea 2€
Sanctuary refuge denied (CBS 1988) 7€
Sangara: Simfonija Zla (Metalism Records 2004) 6€
Santana: Compilation 1€
Saraya: Saraya 7€
Savage: Holy Wars 14€
Saxon,Solid ball of Rock 3€
Sculpture: Sculpture 2€
Scythe: Season Of The Tall Pines 4€
Selby, Mark more storms comin 3€
Sencirow: The Nightmare Within 5€
Seventh Avenue: Southgate 10€
ShadowKeep: Corruption Within 10€
Shining Fury – Another Life 2€
Shylock: Pyronized 8€
Shylock: Welcome To Illusion 5€
Sin After Sin: Useless Eaters (Eigenproduktion 1998) 5€
Sinner: The End Of Sanctuary 4€
Smith & Harley Ride to live 4€
Smokewagon Deuce 3€
Snake strike! 8€
Solitude Aeturnus Through the darkest hour 6€
Son of crackpipe the benevolence of dogs and other evelutionary accidents 3€
Solemnity: Reign In Hell 5€
Souls At Zero: Souls At Zero 5€
Speeed – Powertrip Pigs 1€
Split Heaven: Death Rider 10€
Spock's Beard: Octane (DoCD) 7€
Stampede Queen stampede queen 2€
Staya: Strana Ldov (Fono 2005) 6€
Steel Dawn: Mirror Images 10€
Step Child – The Prayer 2€
Steve Thorne: Emotional Creatures Part One 5€
Stone Temple Pilots: Violet 3€
Störte Priester: Deutschrock 2.0 6€
Störte Priester: Menschenfeind 6€
Störte Priester: Scheinheilig 6€
alle drei Störte Priester 16€
Stormhunter: Stormhunter 6€
Storrmbringer: Among The Flames Of War (Eat Metal Records 2009) 5€
Straight Shooter,My time-your time 8€
Stratovarius,Episode 10€
Stream Of Passion: Embrace The Storm 5€
Stump, Joe: Night Of The Living Shred 10€
Stygma IV Hell within (limitiert / nummeriert) 3€
Superior: Behind 8€

Tafolla, Joey: Out Of The Sun 8€ Takara: Eternal Faith 7€
Talk Dirty: Never kick A Sleeping Dog 1€
Tang Dynasty: Tang zhao 6€
T.A.S.S. – Suck 1€
The 11th Hour: Burden Of Grief 5€
The Alex Parche Project The Alex Parche Project 5€
The Codex The Codex (Mark Boals) 4€
The Jeff Healey Band: See The Light 1€
The Killers - Sam's Town 1€
The Line: Auricle 1€
The Lord Weird Slough Feg – Twilight Of The Idols 8€
The Loving Tongue: Temple Of Love 4€
The Michael Schenker Group: Armed And Ready - Best Of 2€
The Mustard Seeds – The Mustard Seeds 1€
The Order Metal Casino 3€
The Organization The Organization (limited Digipack, 4 Bonus Tracks) 6€
The Pineapple Thief - Someone Here Is Missing 5€
The Poodles Metal will stand tall 4€
The Poodles Sweet Trade 4€
The Poorboys: Pardon Me 3€
The Rasmus Dead letters (Digi mit Slide Tray) 5€
The Rasmus: Hide From The Sun 1€
The Rods: The Rods 9€
The Rods: Let Them Eat Metal 11€
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: All Sensations 2€
Thee Plague Of Gentlemen: Primula Pestis 4€
Theocracy: As The World Bleeds 5€
Thomson, Steve: Steve Thomson 5€
Thundra: Ignored By Fear 4€
Tipsy Wit Songs & Dreams 8€
TNT: Realized Fantasies 10€
Towers Of London: Blood Sweat & Towers 1€
Transit Catchfire 2€
Trance: Shock Power 13€
Tribal – Cardboard Heroes 4€
Troopers: Märchenprinz 3€
Tropa de Shock: The Other Side (Megahard 2001) 7€
TSA: Heavy Metal World (Mausoleum) 9€
Turbo: Last Warrior (Metal Mind 2009) 10€
Turbo Rexx: The Ancient Stories 3€
Twyster: Xplode 3€
Tyketto,Don't come easy 8€
Type O Negative: Bloody Kisses 4€

U.D.O.: Timebomb (Erstauflage) 6€
Ul Mik Longobardeath: Old Time Balabiott 5€
Underground moon underground moon 1€
Unrest Back to the roots (DoCD) 7€
Upwards Of Endtime: Upwards Of Endtime 4€
Upwards Of Endtime: Sadly Never Fore 4€

V.A.: Anti-Matter (Hardcore Sampler) 2€
V.A.: Auburn Records 2007 Sampler 1€
V.A.: Bangin' Forward (BMG Goes Rock) 2€
V.A.: Beautiful Voices 1 (CD+DVD) 5€
V.A.: Blessed By The Night - A Dark Metal Compilation 2€
V.A.: Extreme Aggression 2011 1€
V.A.: Hard'n Heavy (DoCD) 3€
V.A.: Hellrules (Black Sabbath Tribute) (Agent Steel, Division, Steel Prophet, Tyrant u.a.) 3€
V.A.: Metal Hammer Legenden - Metallica - Tribute To The Black Album 1€
V.A.: Metallic Commandments Volume 1 2€
V.A.: Power Battle Vol. 1 1€
V.A.: Rock The Bones Volume 2 (Frontiers Label Sampler) 2€
V.A.: Rock The Nations II (DoCD) (Z Records) 2€
V.A.: Sanctuary (20 Years Of Windham Hill) (DoCD) 1€
V.A.: Silent Crying Volume 2 2€
Valdes, David : Imhotep 7€ Van Halen: Van Halen II 3€
Van Halen,Diver down 3€
Van Halen: The Classic Airwaves 2€
Vektor: Outer Isolation 7€
Victory: Don't Get Mad...Get Even 12€
Victory: Voiceprint 8€
Victory Hungry hearts (Metal Masters) 12€
alle drei Victory: 30€
Vince Neil: Exposed 3€
Von Groove: Test Of Faith 3€

Walpurgis Night: Midnight Wanderer 5€
Waltari Big bang 3€
Warchild: Open Fire 11€
Warlord Rising out of the ashes 7€
Warrior Soul: Chill Pill 3€
Wartime: Volumen 1 5€
Wastefall: Self Exile (Sensory 2006) 3€
Wetton, John & Downes, Geoffrey: Icon II 10€
While Angels Watch: History & Heritage Vol. 1 4€
Who Knows: At Last It's The First 2€
Wild Dogs: Born To Rock Forever 8€
Wilson, Ray: Live (DoCD) 13€
Winger: Pull 5€
Witchsorrow: Witchsorrow 4€
Worry Blast hit the gas 5€
Wrathchild America: Climbing The Walls (cut out) 8€
Wrekking Machine – Mechanistic Termination 4€

X-Wild So what! 9€
X-Wild Monster effect 9€
beide X-Wild 16€
XIII. Stoleti (CZ): Gotika 8€

Zero Nine: Visions, Scenes And Dreams 8€
ZZ Top Greatest hits 1€
zZz: Juggernaut 7€

Death / Black / Thrash
Abinchova: Versteckte Pfade
All Shall Perish: The Price Of Existence 3€
All Shall Perish: Hate. Malice.Revenge 4€
Ancient Ceremony: Cemetary Visions (lim. Eigenproduktion, 3 Inch CD) 9€
Andark: Regnant Aura 4€
Anomalous: Cognitive Dissonance 3€
Arch Enemy: Khaos Legions (Digibook, 2 CD) 6€
Beneath The Massacre: Mechanics Of Dysfunction 3€
Brain Drill: Apocalyptic Feasting 3€
Braindeadz: Open Up Wide... 4€
Bullet For My Valentine: Scream Aim Fire 1€
Bullet For My Valentine: The Poison 1€
Bullet For My Valentine: Fever (CD + DVD) 3€
Carcass, Heartwork 6€
Cephalic Carnage: Anomalies 2€
Children Of Bodom. Relentless Reckless Forever 1€
Courtyard: Refusal 4€
Debauchery: Germany's Next Death Metal (OVP in Folie, mit kleinen cut out) 5€
Deceased: Up The Tombstones!!! 5€
Despised Icon: The Ills of Modern Man (CD + DVD) 4€
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Adrenalin 3€ Eisregen FF
Emeth: Telesis 3€ Fission - Crater 2€
Fjoergyn: Ernte Im Herbst 6€
Forbidden, Distortion 8€
Forbidden: Green (GUN 1997) 12€
Graveyard Rodeo: Sowing Discord In The Haunts Of Man 4€
Grip Inc: Solidify 3€
Havoc Mass – Killing The Future 6€
Ignorabimus: Dab Da Zorp 2€
Immortal Rites: Art Of Devolution 3€
Infernal Majesty: Unholier Than Thou 7€
Infinity The Arcane Wisdom Of Shadows (OVP) 8€
Job For A Cowboy: Genesis 3€
Keep Of Kalessin: Kolossus (Cd + DVD) 4€
Lemming Projekt: Hate And Despise (Century Media 1992) 10€
LostSouls - Fracture 1€
Massacra: Sick 8€
Master (RUS): Maniac Party 6€
Master's Hammer: Vagus Vetus 10€
Mendeed: This War Will Last Forever 2€
Mental Crypt: Extreme Unction (OVP) 4€
Morgain (SK): Frostbitten Nakedness 4€
Night In Gales: The Last Sunsets 8€
Nox Mortis: Im Schatten Des Hasses 2€
Onslaught: The Force (Powerage 1996) 12€
Opeth: Devil's Orchard 5€
Our Souls: War For Nothing (Eigenproduktion 2012) 4€
Overkill: I Hear Black 3€
Pestilence: Consuming Impulse 8€
Psycroptic: Ob(servant) (CD + DVD) 4€
Pyöveli: Still Underground 5€
Samael: Lux Mundi 8€
Sauron: Conquest Through Attrition 9€
Slayer: Reign In Blood 4€
Slayer: South Of Heaven 4€
Submission – Code Of Conspiracy 1€
Textures: Silhouettes 4€
The Accüsed: Oh Martha 5€
Trigger The Bloodshed: Purgation 2€
Tyrant's Kall: Gla'aki 6€
V.A.: Requiem: Morbid Symphonies of Death (Death Metal Sampler von 1993) 5€
Varg: Wolfskult (limited Digi, DoCD, mit Unterschriften) 10€
Varg: Wolfszeit (limited first press)
Varg: Blutaar (mit Unterschriften) 7€
Venom: Metalpunk 3€
Venom: Black Metal (Castle 1992) 8€
Whiplash: Thrashback 10€ Worthless: Grim catharsis 3€

Armored Saint: Delirious Nomad ((Burrn! Legendary Masters, kein OBI) 18€
Armored Saint: March Of The Saint ((Burrn! Legendary Masters, kein OBI) 16€
beide Armored Saint 32€
Artillery by inheritance (R/C Records) 28€
Blitzkrieg unholy Trinity 30€
Coldsteel Freakboy 10€
Conception: Parallel Minds 15€
Conception: In Your Multitude 15€
Conception: Roll The Fire / Silent Crying (single CD) 12€
Coroner: R.I.P. 20€
Coroner, Grin 15€
Dark Mirror: Dark Mirror (Eigenproduktion 2005) 11€
Doomsword: Doomsword 16€
Emerald: Forces of Doom 20€
Fist: Thunder In Rock (Long Island) 36€
Freight Train Jane: Hallucination 22€
Heir apparent graceful inheritance (Black Dragon) 20€
Helstar: A Distant Thunder (Roadrunner 1988) 16€
Hittman Hittman (Steamhammer) 15€
Judas Priest: Hell Bent For Leather aka Killing Machine (Audio Fidelity 2010 / HDCD, 24 kt. Gold-CD, limited, Nummer 1665) 32€
Kraken (COL): I + II 12€
Kraken (COL): IV + V 16€
beide Kraken 25€
Manilla Road: Circus Maximus (Black Dragon) 22€
Mercy (S): Black Magic (aka "King Doom") 23€
Mortal Sin face of despair (Vertigo 1989) 18€
Mystik the plot sickens 15€
Shortino: It's About Time (Pulse Records, +5 Bonus Songs) 15€
Shut Up And Drive: Driven 18€
Sun'n' Steel: Writings On The Wall 16€
The Bombers aim high 17€
Titan force titan force (US Metal Records 1989, kein Barcode) 20€
Titan force Winner/Loser (Shark Records) 14€
beide Titan Force 32€
Tokyo Blade: First Cut's The Deepest 18€
Tourniquet: Pathogenic Occular Dissonance 12€
Trivium: Shogun (Japanese pressing 2012 / WPCR-14567) 20€
Vengeance: We Have Ways To Make You Rock (limited Edition / 9 Bonus Tracks) 18€
Wrath: Insane Society (Medusa 1990) 12€

Trades with:

Croverkill (5x), Silenius1979, Acrobat (3x), avigruss (3x), PowerProg_Adam, ChristosP, invocator2k, Eli_the_Destroyer

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You hace a pm
Acho pijo huevos ya !!!

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Bichorojo wrote:
You hace a pm

Sorry, i didn't get it.

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i'm interested in Forefather: Ours Is The Kingdom would u check the list in my signature and let me know if there is something of your interest ?
Acho pijo huevos ya !!!

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Added 19.10.16

3 Inches Of Blood: Long Live Heavy Metal
Ancient Ceremony: Cemetary Visions (lim. Eigenproduktion, 3 Inch CD)
Atlantean Kodex: The Golden Bough
Atlantean Kodex: The White Goddess
Bliksem: Gruesome Masterpiece
Chainsaw Orchestra: Die Geschichte
Deserted Fear: Kingdom Of Worms
Dismal Euphony: Soria Moria Slott
Edge Of Sanity: Until Eternity Ends
Etherial Winds: Saved
Evocation: Illusions Of Grandeur
Godgory: Sea Of Dreams
Golgotha: Melancholy
Gruesome: Savage Land
Lacrimas Profundere: La Naissance D'un Reve (Witchhunt Records)
Lacuna Coil: Dark Adrenaline
Master's Hammer: Slagry
Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell II
Narnia: Course Of A Generation
Orphaned Land: Sahara (Holy Records 1994)
Paradigma: Mare Veris
Sabaton: Heroes
Sarcofago: Hate (Cogumelo Records)
Slipknot: All Hope Is Gone
Unholy: From The Shadows (Lethal Records 1993)
Vengeance: Crystal Eye
Weak Aside: The Next Offensive

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:16 am 


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Added 29.10.

Bathory: Blood Fire Death (first pressing Under One Flag 1988)
Dismember: Like An Everflowing Stream
Edguy: Kingdom Of Madness
Eminenz: Eminenz
Hecate Enthroned: Upon Promethean Shoes

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My want list:

Alien: Dance With The Alien
Ambeon: Fate Of A Dreamer
Antiquus: In The Land Of The Blind
Apostle: Prepare To Meet God
Arakain: Apage Satanas
Artizan: Curse Of The Artizan
Asmodeus (CZ): Prijezd Krale...
Attacker: Giants Of Canaan
Axe: Nemesis
Axe: Offering
Baron Rojo: Volumen Brutal
Blitzkrieg: Ten
Blitzkrieg: Mists of Avalon
Blitzkrieg: Back From Hell
Ales Brichta: Roze pro Algernon
Butcher: Iron Tiger
Cales: The Pass In Time
Bob Catley: Immortal
Celtic Legacy: The Lie Of The Land
Chastain: Mystery of illusion
Citron: Radegast
Cloven Hoof: Dominator
Crillson: Coming of a New Age
Deaf Dealer: Journey Into Fear
Demon: British Standard Approved
Demon: Better The Devil You Know
Doomsword: The Eternal Battle
Druid: Vampire Cult
Earth Flight: Blue Hour Confessions
Edda: Edda Müvek 13
Egypt: Preserving The Dead
Epizod (BUL): Mujki Pesni
Escape (D): Escape
ESP: The Future is now
Etrusgrave: Aita's Sentence
Exodo: The New Babylon
Gaisen March: The March
Gothic Knights: Reflections From The Other Side
Hammers Of Misfortune: Dead Revolution
Hammerwitch: Return to Salem
Icarus Witch: Draw Down The Moon
Immortal Avenger: Sound the Alarm
Kabat: Ma Ji Motorovou
Kane Roberts: Unsung Radio
Katagory V: Present Day
Kecup (CZ): Cau Broku
Kreyson: Navrat Krale
Lake of Tears: Moons And Mushrooms
Legacy (US): Slay The Beast
Letter 7: Trust
Loving Tongue: Distant Dreams
Mac Blagick: Mac Blagick
Magnum: Sacred Blood Divine Lies
Medusa (FRA): Dream Machine
Mephisto: In Search of lost Refuge
Midnight: Sekada
Mob Scene: Borgata
More: Warhead
Mother`s Finest: Iron Age
Mystic Force: A Step Beyond
Omen (HUN): Anarchia
Order Of Nine: Seventh Year Of The Broken Mirror
P.Mobil: Heavy Medal
Panzer: Toca Madera
Persian Risk: Once A King
Pharaoh: Bury The light
Philadelphia: Search and Destroy
Powers Court: Powers Court
Prosechos: Salto Orientale
Q5: Steel The Light
Recon: Behind Enemy Lines
Revolver: First Shot
Root: Madness Of The Graves
Running Wild: Masquerade
Sacred Warrior: Rebellion
Sacred Warrior: Wicked Generation
Santa: Templario
Saracen: Red Sky
Scapegoat (KAN): Scapegoat
Seventh Avenue: Eternals
Sifon (CZ): Soudnej Den
Sinister Realm: World of Evil
Skelator: Death To All Nations
Skelator: Agents Of Power
Skyclad: A Semblance Of Normality
Sorcerer: In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross
Sudden Death: All or Nothing
The Lamp Of Thoth: Portents, Omens & Doom
The Sacrificed: III
Threshold: For The Journey
Tierra Santa: Mejor Morir En Pie
Trance: Break Out
Trance: Power Infusion
Trance: Die Hard
Tristan Park: A Place Inside
Turbo (POL): Dorosle Dzieci
Tyton: Mind over Metal
Valor: Destiny's Path
Vanadium: Seventh Heaven
Vicious Rumors: Welcome To The Ball
Villain: Only Time Will Tell
Wicked Rich: The Science of Reasoning
Wilson, Damian: Disciple / Grow Old With Me
Wilson, Damian: Let's Start A Commune
Wrathchild America: 3-D

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Added 6.11.:

Black Label Society: Order Of The Black
Europe: Out Of This World
Lamb Of God: Sturm Und Drang
Procession: Destroyers Of The Faith
Procession: To Reap Heavens Apart
Scar Symmetry: Dark Matter Dimensions (ss)
Suiciadl Tendencies. The Art Of Rebellion
Titan Force: Winner Loser (Shark Records 1991 / leichte Mängel)
Wild Zombie Blast Guide: Back From The Dead

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Added 11.11.:

Edguy: Rocket Ride
Edguy: Superheroes
Edguy: Vain Glory Opera
Jag Panzer: Ample Destruction (Barricade Records)
Manilla Road: Gates Of Fire
Manilla Road: Spiral Castle
Meliah Rage: Kill To Survive (Southworld Recordings 2012)
Meliah Rage. Solitary Solitude (Southworld Recordings 2012)

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2016 12:43 pm 


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Added 23.11.

New CDs:
Bad Habit: After Hours
Celtic Frost: Cold Lake (Noise first press)
China: All I Do Is Wait
Earthride: Vampire Circus
Extreme: Extreme
Eyes: Eyes (feat. Jeff Scott Soto)
Iron Maiden: The Number Of The Beast
My Darkest Hate: Massive Brutality (ss)
Paragon: Force Of Destruction
Paul Chain Experimental Information: Container 47
Sinner: Respect
Sinner: Treasure - The Works 93-98
Sinner: Judgement Day
Sinner: Judgement Day (shape CD single)
Slaughter: Stick It To Ya / Stick It To Ya Life
Spellbinder: Seal The Fate
Talisman: Genesis
Unrest: Restless And Live
Winterborn: Cold Reality (ss)

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Added 29.11.

New CDs:
China: Go All The Way
John Farnham: Whispering Jack
Hellhammer: Satanic Rites
Icon: Right Between The Eyes
Lynch Mob: Wicked Sensation
Marc Storace & China: Alive
McAuley Schenker Group: Save Yourself
Mud Slick: Inside Pressure (Maxi)
Pink Cream 69: Change
Pink Cream 69: Food For Thought
Roger Chapman And The Shortlist: Live in Hamburg
Sinner: Bottom Line (Japan Pressung)
Sinner: The Nature Of Evil
Steve Vai: Flex-Able
Temple: Temple (1989)
The Seer: Organic
Tyketto: Don't Come Easy

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Added 2.12.

Grimoire: Requiem For The Light
Seventh Avenue: Tales Of Tales
Seventh Avenue: Southgate
Sweet F.A.: Stick To Your Guns
Winter Rose: Winter Rose (feat. James LaBrie)
GWAR: This Toilet Earth
GWAR: Scumdogs Of The Universe (Master Records 1990)
Mother Love Bone: Shine
Chroming Rose: Pressure (Japan pressing)

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Added 15.12.

Act Of Defiance: Birth And The Burial
Coney Hatch: Four
Sahg: III

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I offer any CD off this list for Hellraiser

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Added 28.12

GWAR: Ragnarök
3 Inches Of Blood: Fire Up The Blades
Accept: Blood Of The Nations
Ace Lane: See You In Heaven (Mausoleum Records)
Apocalyptica: Plays Metallica By Four Cellos
Arctic Flame: Guardian At The Gate
Armored Saint: March Of The Saint (Metal Blade 1995)
Axe Battler: Axe Battler
Bruce Dickinson: Tyranny Of Souls
Dead Lord: Heads Held High
Gojira: L'Enfant Sauvage
GWAR: This Toilet Earth
Hammerfall: Built To Last
Morgana Lefay: Grand Materia
Souls At Zero: Souls At Zero
Steve Thorne: Emotional Creatures Part One
Vicious Rumors: Warball (OVP)

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Added 4.1.17

3 Inches Of Blood: Advance And Vanquish
Atlain: Living In The Dark
Crises: Broken Glass
Brainfever: Capture The Night
Dark At Dawn: Oceans Of Time
Dark Wizard: Devil's Victim
Dominus Praelii: Holding The Flag Of War
Eldritch: El Nino
Eldritch: Portrait Of The Abyss Within
Exiled: Exiled
Grimmstine: Grimmstine
Sabaton: Coat Of Arms
Stormwarrior: Thunder & Steele

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Added 5.2.17

New CDs:
Andark: Regnant Aura
Gypsy Kyss: Songs From A Swirling Ocean
Sacred Steel: Reborn In Steel
Sisters Of Mercy: A Slight Case Of Overbombing
Skid Row: B-Side Ourselves
Sodom: In The Sign Of Evil / Obsessed By Cruelty
Walpurgis Night: Midnight Wanderer
White Heat: White Heat
World War III: World War III (Retrospect Records 2008)
Züül: Out Of Time
In Extremo: Bruchstücke
Sodom: Til Death Do Us Unite (ohne Booklet)
Sweet Savage: Killing Time
Trial: Vessel
Tribuzy: Execution
Turisas: The Varangian Way
Vicious Rumors: Sadistic Symphony (ohne Booklet)
Airbourne: Black Dog Barking
Alice Cooper: Poison - Best Of
At The Gates: Slaughter Of The Soul
Benediction: Subconscious Terror / Dark Is The Season
Gamma Ray: No World Order!
Goatsnake: I / Dog Days
Labyrinth: No Limits
Machine Head: The Burning Red
My Sleeping Karma: My Sleeping Karma
Nailbomb: Point Blank
Negura Bunget: Tau
Negura Bunget: 3 CD Box (ohne Poster)
Pantera: Vulgar Display Of Power
Rammstein: Liebe ist für alle da! (limited 2 CD Digi)
Satyricon: Volcano
Six Feet Under: Maximum Violence
Skyforger: Semigalls Warchant
Sodom: Get What You Deserve
Sodom: Agent Orange
Sodom: Code Red
Stormwitch: Shogun
Sunn O))): Flight Of The Behemoth
Swallow The Sun: Ghosts Of Loss
Syar: Death Before Dishonour
Thee Plague Of Gentlemen: Primula Pestis
Zyklon: World Ov Worms (limited Tin Box)
Unbound: Revenge For The Innocent
Van Halen: The Classic Airwaves
Wayne: Metal Church
Whitesnake: Come And Get It
Areknames: Areknames (Black Widow)
Forgotten Disciple: Last Train To Heaven (new)
Sirrah: Acme
Sencirow: The Nightmare Within
Stormwind: Rising Symphony
Taramis: Queen Of Thieves (CD + DVD)
Bon Jovi: Keep The Faith EP
Nocturnal Rites: Tales Of Mystery And Imagination
Revelation: Never Comes Silence
Sabaton: Metalizer (Irond Records, 9 Bonussongs)
Saintsbleed: Mighty Monster
Defiance: Beyond Recognition
Aerosmith: Crying
Headcrash: Overdose On Tradition
Headcrash: Scapegoat
Headcrash: Direction Of Correctness
In Flames: 8 Songs Rock Hard Beilage
Orden Ogan: Ravenhead (CD & DVD)
Scorpions: Face The Heat
V.A.: Heavy, Hell & Metal
V.A.: A Tribute To Slayer Metal Hammer Beilage (OVP)
Ektomorf: Black Flag
Enforcer: Death By Fire
Hammerforce (RUS): Dice
Mastodon: Once More Round The Sun
Minotaurus: Dragonbone Throne
Moon Of Sorrow: A New Dawn
Napalm Death: Apex Predator - Easy Meat
Nomad Son: The Eternal Return
Primal Fear: Metal Is Forever - Very Best Of
Sabaton: Coat Of Arms
Sonic Syndicate: Love And Other Disasters
Whitesnake: The Deeper The Love
Invader (GER): Children Of War
Ivory Tower: Beyond The Stars
Killer: Ready For Hell (on hold)
Leash Law: Dogface
Machine Men: Elegies
Made of Iron: Made of Iron
Manigance: D'un Autre Sang
Exiled: Exiled
Grimmstine: Grimmstine
Hammerforce (RUS): Access Denied
Rage: 21 (Digibook)
Stormwarrior: Thunder & Steele (on hold)

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:06 am 


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Added 18.2.17

AC/DC: Live & Alive
Biohazard: Urban Business (Fight Back Records)
Judas Priest: Screaming For Vengeance
Merca: Chup Amela
Whitesnake: 1987
Cannibal Corpse: Gore Obsessed (limited Digibook)
Cradle Of Filth: Dusk And Her Embrace (Japan Edition)
Entombed: Inferno
Fear Factory: Soul Of A New Machine
Forbidden: Omega Wave
Freedom Call: Legend Of The Shadowking
Gwar: Carnival Of Chaos
Hypocrisy: Catch 22 (limited Digi)
Krabathor: Unfortunately Dead
Sanity's Dawn: Mangled In The Meatgrinder
Slayer: Serenity In Murder
Slayer: Eternal Pyre
Tankard: The Tankard
Viu Drakh: Death Riff Society
Iron Jaws: Guilty Of Ignorance
Kiss: Monster
Opeth: Blackwater Park

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2017 7:55 pm 


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Added 1.3.17

3 Doors Down: Seventeen Days
Aerosmith: Pump
Aerosmith: Get A Grip
Bad English: Bad English
Slayer: Live Intrusion
V.A.: 10 Years Nuclear Blast (3 CD Box)
Am I Blood: Agitation
Body Count: Live & Alive
Dimmu Borgir: Spiritual Black Dimensions
Iron Maiden: A Real Live One
J.B.O.: Ich sag' J.B.O.
Judas Priest: Jugulator
Knorkator: The Schlechtst Of
Slayer: Undisputed Attitude
Unleashed: Live In Vienna 93

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:34 pm 

Added 9.3.17

Danger: Danger (Mausoleum Records)
Deicide: Serpents Of The Light
Rik Emmett: Ipso Facto
Overlorde: Return Of The Snow Giant
Pagan Altar: Mythical & Magical
Steel Assassin: War Of The Eight Saints
Wrathblade: Into The Netherworlds Realm
Blue Note: Live
Bonfire: Knockout
Dacia & The WMD: Dacia & The WMD
Stormhunter: Stormhunter
Stormhunter: Crime And Punishment (ss)
Warrant: Ready To Command 2010 (ss)

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Added 12.3.17

New Tapes:
Aether. Altar
Krater: Nocebo (Nummer 37)
Kvltyst: Zweifel (limited, nummeriert)
Morar: Wahlheim (60/66)
Sun Worship: Pale Dawn
Thränenkind: Eine Momentaufnahme (limited)
Unru: Als Tier ist der Mensch nichts (limited)
Vivus Humare: Einkehr (limited, nummeriert)

New CDs:
Ancst: Furnace
Ancst: Moloch / In Turmoil
At The Gates: At War With Reality (inklusive Patch)
Benighted: Asylum Cave
Bolt Thrower: Mercenary (limited Digi)
Cynic: Focus
Der Weg einer Freiheit: Der Weg einer Freiheit
Farsot: III (Arigatopack)
Fuck Your Shadow From Behind: Freigeist
Rory Gallagher: Against The Grain
Gallows Pole: We Wanna Come Home
Grave: Soulless
Karnivool: Sound Awake
Moonspell: Irreligious
Mgla: Exercises In Futility
Nagelfar: Hünengrab im Herbst
Redemption: Snowfall On Judgement Day
Samael: Ceremony Of Opposites (Century Media 1994)
Sieges Even: Sophisticated
Thränenkind: King Apathy
Thränenkind: Eine Momentaufnahme
Tristitia: One With Darkness
Uada: Devoid Of Light

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 3:01 pm 


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update - many CDs are sold.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:38 pm 

Added 4.4.17

New CDs:
Parr, John: Man With A Vision
Don Henley: The End Of The Innocence
Elixir (GB): Knocking On The Gates Of Hell
Force Of Habit: Madness By Design
House Of Lords: Demons Down
Icon: Icon
Wuthering Heights: Within

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:49 am 

Added 16.4.17

New CDs:
3 Inches Of Blood - Battlecry Under A Winter Sun
Crucified Barbara: THe Midnight Chase
Deliverance - What A Joke
Huntress - Spell Eater
Sleeze Beez: Screwed Blued & Tattooed
Tails Blue: Brainwash (on hold)
Towers Of London: Blood Sweat & Towers
Treat: Dreamhunter
Van Halen: OU812
Von Groove: Test Of Faith
Who Knows: At Last It's The First
Wild Force: Jungle Of Love
Wildkard - Megalomania
Wishbone Ash: Mystery Man (DoCD)

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PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2017 9:33 am 

Added 3.5.17

New CDs:
Acid Witch: Stoned
Alpha Tiger: Man Or Machine
Anthrax: Fistful Of Metal (Music For Nations 1987)
Axehammer: Marching On
Bad Moon Rising: Flames On The Moon (Japan edition)
Black Rose: Loveshock
Brutal Truth: Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses
Cage: Ancient Evil
Carcass: Swansong (Multimedia)
Demon: Time Has Come - Best of
Gotthard: Need To Believe (limited Box)
Grand Magus: Triumph And Power (limited Digi)
Grand Magus: The Hunt (limited Edition mit Patch)
Hell: Human Remains (2 CD)
Hardline: II
Infernal Majesty: Unholier Than Thou
Iommi & Hughes: Fused
Iced Earth: Iced Earth
Iced Earth: Night Of The Stormrider
Icon: Right Between The Eyes (Wounded Bird)
Iron Maiden: Live At Donington (DoCD)
Jack Starr's Burning Starr: Burning Starr
Joshua: Intense Defense
Judas Priest: Killing Machine
Judas Priest: Hell Bent For Leather aka Killing Machine (Sony US Release 2001) (OVP)
Kamelot: Epica
Korrozia Metalla: Каннибал
Lordian Guard: Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God
Magnum: On A Storyteller's Night
Moon'Doc: Moon'Doc
Mercyful Fate: Time
Mercyful Fate: 9
Mercyful Fate: Don't Break The Oath (Roadrunner Records, no Barcode)
Metal Inquisitor: Ultima Ratio Regis
Night Ranger: Rockin' Shibuya 2007
Riot: Restless Breed (High Vaultage 1999)
Running Wild: The First Years Of Privacy
Running Wild: Masquerade
Running Wild: Pile Of Skulls (Russian pressing)
Saracen: Vox In Excelso
Saracen: Redemption
Sinister: Cross The Styx
Steel Assassin: In Hellfire Forged
Sword: Metalized (Aquarius Records 1996)
The Rods: Wild Dogs (Lemon Records 2010)
Triumph: Extended Versions
Tygers Of Pan Tang: Live At Nottingham Rock City
Tygers Of Pan Tang: Spellbound (Japan pressing)
U.D.O.: Mastercutor Alive (2CD + DVD)
U.D.O.: Rev-Raptor
U.D.O.: Thunderball (CD + DVD )
Whiplash: Insult To Injury

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PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2017 12:06 pm 

Added 25.5.17

Cathedral: Forest Of Equilibrium
Darxon: Shout!
Helloween: Master Of The Rings
Nuclear Assault: Game Over / The Plague
Ratt: Detonator
Savatage: Handful Of Rain (+1)
Saxon: Greatest Hits Live
Virgin Steele: Noble Savage (limited Edition) (Hülle kaputt)
Blind Guardian: Battalions Of Fear
Blind Guardian: Follow The Blind
Blind Guardian: Somewhere Far Beyond
Def Leppard: Slang
Gamma Ray: Heading For Tomorrow
Gary Moore: After The War
Heavens Gate: Livin' In Hysteria
Helvetets Port: Exodus To Hell
Heroes Del Silencio: Senderos De Traicion
Queensryche: Empire
Queensryche: The Warning
Sahara: Going Crazy
Saxon: Best Of
Sinner: Touch Of Sin 2
Speedtrap: Raw Deal
WASP: The Last Command
WASP: The Crimson Idol
Lawdy: Outlaw Invasion
Nightingale: The Closing Chronicles
TNT: Tell No Tales
Weinhold: From Heaven Through The World To Hell

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:41 pm 

List (1st post) updated.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:06 am 

Added 22.10.17

A Tortured Soul: On This evil Night
Chroming Rose: Garden Of Eden (Tin Box)
Lizzies: Good Luck
Sonata Arctica: The Ninth Hour
Accept: Hungry Years
BitchHammer. Raging Hell Rivers
Black Sabbath: Greatest Hits (Creative Sounds
Deströyer 666: Terror abraxas
Destruction: Spiritual Genocide
Elm Street: Barbed Wire Metal
Endseeker: Corrosive Revelation
Graveyard Ghoul: The Living Cemetery
Holocausto: Campo de Exterminio
Infernal Death: Call To War
Massacra: Final holocaust (Century media)
Master. An epiphany Of Hate
Motörhead: The Best Of (Roadrunner 1992)
Motörhead: March Ör Die
Motörhead: Sacrifice
Ost+Front: Ave Maria (CD + DVD)
Ozzy Osbourne: The Ultimate Sin / No Rest For The Wicked
Repugnant: Hecatomb (Hammerheart Records 2012)
Sepultura: Roots
Sepultura: Bood Rooted
Sepultura: Morbid Visions / Bestial Devastation (Roadrunner 1997)
Slaughtered Existence: The art of The knife (66/300)
Slaughtered Existence: Total Death
Störte Priester: Deutschrock 2.0
Störte Priester: Menschenfeind
Störte Priester: Scheinheilig
Troopers: Troopers
Troopers: Märchenprinz
Vampire: Vampire
Venom: In Memorium
W.A.S.P.: First Blood, Last Cuts
Worthless: Grim catharsis
Ratt. Invasion Of Your Privacy
Skull: No Bones About It
Yngwie Malmsteen: Eclipse

Benedictum: Seasons Of Tragedy
Bon Jovi: Slippery When Wet
Courtyard: Refusal
Nelson: After The Rain
Sculpture: Sculpture
Second: Invisible

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:18 am 


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PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:14 pm 


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PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:59 am 

Added 9.11.2017

Casket: Fearless
Fear of God: Toxic Voodoo
Adrenaline Mob: Omerta
Ancestral – Master Of Fate
Atomic Opera: For Madmen Only
Carcass – Heartwork
Carcass – Necroticism
Carcass – Swansong (+Multimedia)
Casket – Emotions... (unterschrieben von allen Mitgliedern)
Dan Reed Network - Slam
Dark Millennium – Diana Read Peace
Darkthrone – Arctic Thunder
Desultory – Through Aching Aeons
Dizzy Mizz Lizzy – same (japan)
Dragonforce: Reaching Into Infinity
First Aid: Nursed
Gallow God – False Mystical Prose
Headhunter – Rebirth
Killswitch Engage – Alive Or Just Breathing
King Diamond – The Spider's Lullabye
Kreator – Endorama
Krokus – Dirty Dynamite
Lake Of Tears – Headstones
Massacra – Sick
Mercury Rising – Building Rome
Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime
Release – End Of The Light
Richard Marx – Rush Street
Rush – A Show Of Hands
Sanctuary – Into The Mirror Black
Skulldrain: Hatred Rising
Skyclad – Prince of the Poverty Line
Spiritual Beggars – Ad Astra (THe End Records, 1 Bonus track)
Strangeways – Walk In The fire
Stratovarius – Elements I
Suffocation: Effigy Of The Forgotten
Suffocation: Pinnacle Of bedlam
The Line - Auricle
Thunder – Back Street Symphony
Trivium – The Crusade
Type O Negative – Slow, Deep And hard
V.A. - Requiem: Morbid Symphonies of Death
Virgin Steele – Guardians Of The Flame (limited Digi)
Waltari – Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die!
Wuthering Heights – To Travel For Evermore

Some CDs at ebay:

https://www.ebay.de/sch/chrisd75/m.html ... =12&_rdc=1

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 2:09 pm 

List updated (1st post)

Some CDs at ebay:


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PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:05 pm 


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PostPosted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:57 am 


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Update 6.1.18

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