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PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2021 11:50 pm 

As we all have noted, Paganism is a vastly broad concept referring to a range of different pre-Christian myths in Europe and abroad, but I propose a unified tag to distinguish Germanic / Norse mythology from other faiths: Heathenry.

I noticed that over 200 bands are already tagged "Heathenism", but I propose we tag those bands "Heathenry" as it is both favored by scholars and is one character fewer than "Heathenism". Plus, "Heathenry" just flows off the tongue easier.

There is the complicated task of distinguishing bands that merely evoke Heathen themes for drama's sake (that is, being fascinated by Norse mythology while not being practicing Heathens) and those who sincerely express their Heathen faith through music, but I suppose that can be handled later. For me, it is more pertinent to go through any band's lyrical themes tagged with the wilderness of Heathenry's variants ("Heathenism", "Odinism", "Wotanism", "Odalism") and change them to "Heathenry".

Any thoughts?
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